Blockchain has the potential to drive profound, positive change in the post and parcel industry.

Based on transparency, trust and traceability, blockchain technology brings new opportunities for managing cross-border shipping, supply chains, identity management and more.


Potential back and middle office savings through use of blockchain.

In the post and parcel industry, blockchain could enable:

  • Seamless end-to-end global trade: Streamlined cross-border post and parcel transactions with integrated tracking, payments and customs, to enable traceable and auditable transactions.
  • Instant identification validation: Biometrically verified identity information for a range of government and commercial services.
  • Digitised package verification: Customs officials could digitally verify package details such as origin, physical characteristics, licensing, authenticity, destination and journey, removing need for intermediaries.

To take advantage of the opportunities that blockchain offers, post and parcel organisations should:

Learn by doing

Build critical skills and insights by conducting pilots.

Understand the ecosystem

Develop insight into the blockchain supply chain and associated organisations.

Set a blockchain strategy

Demonstrate how blockchain can help the organisation achieve its vision.

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Blockchain has the potential to drive entirely redesigned processes, new business models, tremendous efficiency gains and new monetisation opportunities. Now is the time for postal organisations to experiment, learn and lay the groundwork for fundamentally different blockchain-enabled operations.

Andre Pharand

Lead – Global Management Consulting, Post and Parcel


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Blockchain: Incremental or ground-breaking change?

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