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The sustainable last mile

March 27, 2021


In brief

Faster. Cheaper. Greener.

No single entity can create the sustainable last mile alone. It will take all ecosystem players working together in ways they never have before.

Local fulfillment is promising


Delivery van emissions saved in Chicago.


Delivery van emissions saved in London.


Delivery van emissions saved in Sydney.

Think outside the box to deliver the box

Incentivize greener choices

Develop incentives and “choice architectures” that encourage consumers to receive deliveries in more sustainable—yet convenient—ways.

Rethink asset use

Repurpose, retrofit and share assets like stores, infrastructure and fleets—while investing in green technology and evolving regulations to support these innovative approaches.

Harness data and analytics

Act on real-time insights into consumer preferences and purchasing patterns to innovate and optimize inventory and route management for a lower last-mile carbon footprint.

Top actions for today


  • Entice consumers to choose in-store fulfillment.
  • Transform supply chains and store networks.
  • Educate consumers on consolidating deliveries.

Delivery companies

  • Put data at the heart of operations.
  • Explore partnerships and shared assets.
  • Electrify the delivery fleet.


  • Align last-mile strategy with economic stimulus and jobs.
  • Support green transport initiatives.
  • Repurpose urban spaces for local fulfillment.


  • Choose the greenest delivery option.
  • Bundle deliveries.
  • Consolidate trips to pick up parcels.

Drive the sustainable last mile

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The sustainable last mile

An exploration of the issues and opportunities for transforming last-mile delivery.

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The short report

An at-a-glance view of how to make the last mile faster, cheaper and greener.

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