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Reinventing last mile delivery: Win the race to the top

February 04, 2020


In brief

Competing to survive

What do UK consumers expect when buying online?


Of consumers say same-day shipping is valuable.


Of online shoppers say free shipping is important when deciding where to shop online.


Of consumers are more likely to shop online if same-day delivery is an option.

The race to the top

Winning an uphill battle

Marketplaces spur an arms race

By selling via marketplaces, inventory is stored in one place, meaning it’s quicker and easier to get purchases straight to customers.

Boosting inventory accuracy

Inventory management is crucial for retailers to enable fulfillment from stores—technology is facilitating a new level of accuracy.

The warehouse is where?!

Storefronts, back rooms or a floor in an office can be fulfillment centres, bringing inventory closer to consumers and cutting costs for retailers.

Automation for tight spaces

Automation and advanced robotics are transforming new warehousing spaces into low-cost, highly efficient sortation and fulfillment centres.

Outstanding progress in days outstanding

By using customer data to predict purchases, items are in warehouses for less time, get to customers faster and improve companies’ balance sheets.

How will postal organisations catch up?

3 key recommendations for postal organisations

1. Localise the delivery depot

Sortation centres are becoming obsolete as inventory is already closer to the consumer. In future, local delivery depots must handle parcels going out for delivery as well as those coming in.

2. Achieve continuous delivery

Adding collections from retailers while en route, and then re-optimising routes, increases route density, improves fleet utilisation, reduces delivery costs and increases speed to customers.

3. Redefine their role in the ecosystem

Postal organisations must make smart choices about where they invest, what capabilities they need to be successful and who they partner with in order to win the last mile.

Mark Smith


20 years of business and technology consulting experience and has worked across some of the UK's largest government departments.