Workforce Optimization Solutions for Policing

Workforce optimization helps police services find hidden value through evidence-based police solutions.


Policing is complex and critical to the public health of communities. Today’s tough times call for a hard look at what is required of police solutions in order for police services to be effective. As such, the approach to delivering, organizing and sizing a police service must be done through a strategic lens with an equally strategic police solution.

Given the impact of the workforce on the cost side of a police services’ balance sheet, difficult conversations on the size and shape of the police service’s workforce are inevitable. The Accenture Workforce Optimization Solution for Policing offers rigorous methodologies, comprehensive tools and evidence-based approaches to support police services and public sector governance boards in making strategic decisions to optimize the people, processes and technology of a policing organization. This solution can uncover quick-wins and longer-term opportunities for transformation.

Accenture developed this police solution by drawing on our 25 years of public safety experience. We’ve complemented this experience with organizational and workforce effectiveness domain expertise amassed from field-tested practices across the public and private sectors.

In this video, learn more about workforce optimization for policing and how it helped the Toronto Police Service in Canada.


Escalating demands for efficiency and effectiveness from citizens and governments coupled with diminishing public safety funding put tremendous pressure on today’s police services and require police solutions that can meet these challenges. To balance these myriad pressures, police services must look across the enterprise—at people, processes and technology—to find the best police solutions to help them on their path to austerity and support them in their effort to fulfill their core mission of protecting the public.

The police workforce—the officers and civilian staff—are the most vital and publicly visible assets, accounting for upwards of 80 percent of operating costs. It is in the size, shape and deployment of a police service’s human assets where many of the opportunities for organizational change exist.

Many police services have identified the link between the effectiveness of a service and its workforce. However, few have found the right police solutions to provide a comprehensive means to right-size the organization with quantifiable correlations between the strategic direction of the service, the size of the organization and the outcomes delivered.


Workforce optimization can be a key measure of austerity. With this in mind, Accenture has developed the Workforce Optimization Solution for Policing. While other police solutions do exist, this police solution enables the objective assessment of a police service’s strategic priorities to determine the steps that can be taken to make it more effective, efficient and economical across its people, process and technology dimensions.

While optimizing organization structure and operational processes are necessary steps, these steps alone aren’t enough to improve delivery of outcomes and operational cost savings. Police services must also examine the workforce and right-size its human assets to best deliver on mandates and strategic priorities in the context of the socioeconomic climate.


The police solutions framework provides greater insight into how your police service works. It enables you to understand:

  • Adjustable levers that impact the number of civilians and officers within the service

  • Socioeconomic factors and their impact on workforce strategies for the service

  • Opportunities to optimize through different deployment strategies

  • The impact of various strategic priorities and decisions to the resources and budget of the service

The police solution also includes a capacity planning and modeling tool that demystifies the impact of strategic decisions and socioeconomic crime factors on workforce capacity requirements. Police services can use the framework and guidelines to better manage performance. Once the organization is realigned, processes are simplified and the workforce is right-sized, it is imperative that operational and performance management measures, metrics and dashboards are available to assist in the constant evaluation of the service. These police solution tools enable evidence-based adjustments that serve to deliver the strategic priorities and outcomes of a police service.

Analytics and industry benchmarks underpin these components to enable evidence-based decisions.