Break Through with Accenture


Accenture Break|Through is a 10-week paid internship programme for experienced returning managers.

We support people in both their professional as well as their personal goals, and understand the latter sometimes requires a person to take a career break.

Accenture Break|Through is designed to ensure that individuals, seeking to return to work after a break, are given the re-entry support and training they need to thrive.

If you have a passion for technology and have been out of work for 2 years or more, we want to hear from you. You’ll get a taste of life at Accenture, refresh your existing interpersonal skills, learn new technical skills and get to put it all into practice in a project based assignment. At the end of the programme we hope you will be ready to take the next step in your career with us.


We know that returning to work, especially after a period of time away, can be daunting.

That’s why our returners programme provides a strong focus on training. You will receive 5 weeks of training to help you to refresh your skills and return to work with a flourish.

The first two weeks will be focused on understanding Accenture and how we do business, and honing some of your softer skills such as your leadership, commercial acumen, relationship management, and interpersonal skills.

The final three weeks of your training will be focused on Technology skills training by exposing you to the New IT technologies and delivery methodologies, where you will be taught by experienced specialists in our business.

At Accenture, we believe in working together and supporting our colleagues.

Throughout the Break|Through experience, you will be assigned a mentor who will be on-hand after the first-round interview until the end of the programme to offer you guidance and support.

Our mentors are there to ensure that you are achieving your goals the way you want to.

During the programme, your mentor will connect with you regularly on your progress and will be there to offer their diverse expertise. You will also meet a wide-cross section of our technology leadership team through weekly sessions that will focus on hot industry topics.

Whether you are new to Accenture or returning after a career break, you will find that our programme will make you part of a strong community of like-minded people who will help ease your transition, as well as share experiences, tips and advice.

You will easily build a strong support network of mentors and buddies, and gain access to a diverse range of clubs, societies and networking groups which will allow you to meet peers through a range of community and social events.

After you complete the first five weeks of training, you will start on a project within one of our Technology Consulting teams. For the next five weeks you won’t just be shadowing others; you’ll be getting in the mix right from the start.

We serve clients in more than 120 countries, driving innovation to improve the way the world works and lives.

We believe that the individual differences of the more than 459,000 people working here are what make us the leading global professional services company we are.

Working with us in Accenture Technology, you will have the opportunity to unleash your skills and transform the world around you. Shape the technology of tomorrow, with the latest digital methodologies and design thinking, like Cloud, AI, Intelligent Automation, DevOps and Agile. Through a career at Accenture you will have the opportunity to implement innovative solutions to help clients drive disruption and stay ahead of the digital curve.


Apply online by sending your CV with a brief overview of your experience, as well as a covering letter outlining your interests in the scheme and your passion about technology.

Next, we’ll call you to ask you some questions and find out if you would be a right fit for the scheme. Tell us about your work experience and if you do well, we will allocate an Accenture Mentor who will support you throughout the next steps of your journey.

After successfully concluding your telephone discussion, you'll be invited to an afternoon at our London office where you'll meet members of our Technology and HR team in order to understand more about who we are and take part in 1:1 discussions and a short presentation so that we can see your skills and understand your passions further. If it looks like you’re a good match after the interview afternoon, we'll invite you to join the scheme.


If what you have learned about our Break|Through programme excites you, if you have previous managerial experience in technology and if you have had a career break for 2 years or more, we want to hear from you.

Applications for the Break|Through programme are currently closed, but please click the link below to register your interest in our next intake.