When the world moves, move ahead

Social reform, economic development, and private sector innovation cause continuous disruption for public service delivery. Emerging technologies and platforms create new opportunities to transform, and the future workforce is both human and machine. Now is the time to reimagine services and the citizen experience of tomorrow.

We have made it our mission to tackle the biggest challenges in the ANZ public sector. Accenture sits at the intersection of industry and technology, and our deep public sector experience coupled with data-driven insights infuse fresh thinking to solve your toughest problems. We can help you harness digital technologies to modernise, upskill your workforce, and drive more value from your resources—enabling you to transform delivery of services and improve the way our citizens work and live.

Whatever your priorities, we help you discover opportunities, define challenges and turn innovative ideas into reality. So when the world moves, you’re ready to move with it.

Bringing new to your now

Across ANZ, we’re collaborating with public sector organisations to meet these challenges. Our public sector consulting offerings are transforming service delivery and achieving high-impact outcomes.

Agile Organisation

Acknowledge disruption and build a workforce that enables adaptability and flexibility at all levels: policy, service delivery and operations.

Citizen experience

Create new ways to engage those you serve. Use insight to design & optimise their experiences, including complex services crossing agency boundaries.


Unlock value trapped by the constraints of outdated technology, without the perceived risk. Modernising with agility is possible—and imperative.

Business transformation

Position your organisation for continuous adaptation with a portfolio of data-driven initiatives transforming workforce, process and technology.

CIO in the new

Lead the innovation agenda and keep ahead of emergent technology issues—such as cyber security, responsible AI and the ethics of using personal data.

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Transform vision to reality

Keep pace with change

  • Adopt an agile, client-centric mindset from policy design to service delivery.
  • Upskill your workforce and refocus your thinking.
  • Collaborate across agency boundaries and with service providers on new solutions to power transformation at speed—and scale.

Leverage platforms & new partnerships

  • Work with disruptors including those in the non-government and private sectors to fast-track innovation.
  • Use new platforms and partner ecosystems to break down siloes and deliver dramatic results for citizens.

Adapt continuously to stay relevant

  • Enable a dynamic public service using data and digital technologies to sustain social and economic development.
  • Cultivate an innovation culture to inspire profoundly different behaviours.

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Powered by data

Our Data Driven Consulting (DDC) approach uses data and analytics to generate richer insights and discover new intelligence to power your transformation journey. We leverage multiple data sources, advanced techniques, visualisation approaches and technology tools such as the Accenture Insights Platform (AIP) to power public sector consulting—to help you implement actions and realise measurable value, rapidly.

Case studies

Accenture helped a Ministry of Defence personalise engagement with the National Service community.

Collaboration across the NHS enables better-integrated multidisciplinary care, and unlocks cost efficiencies and improves the patient journey.

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We are a culture of diverse backgrounds; combining creative talent, business consulting and technical expertise.

CIO In the New

Not all innovative models are equal: Innovation is the new black

Innovation is challenging. Change is risky for leaders. So how do organisations innovate to succeed?

Business Transformation

Rocks before pebbles: How to prioritize public service innovation

Big rocks allow for focus and force concentration on things that matter most, with the greatest impact. It’s an approach that leads to success.

Citizen Experience

Why no risk is the biggest risk to public service

In this fast-paced digital era, the only strategy guaranteed to fail is not to take any risks at all.

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