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Reinvent what your business could be

Our wide range of capabilities, ecosystem partnerships and unmatched industry expertise can help your business become the next best version of itself.


The capabilities to help you reinvent

  • Cloud
    Take the world by cloud

    Every day, cloud computing becomes more integral in driving reinvention, and meeting the ever-changing needs of people around the world.

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  • Cybersecurity
    De-risk tomorrow by boosting cybersecurity today

    Infuse cybersecurity into your strategy and ecosystem to protect value, help prevent threat and build trust as you grow.

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  • Data and Artificial Intelligence
    Use AI with purpose

    AI is more accessible than ever, and it’s rapidly transforming enterprises and the ways we live and work. The way you apply its potential will determine the impact and position your business to compete and achieve new levels of performance.

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  • Digital Engineering and Manufacturing
    Digitize what you make, revolutionize how you make it

    Reimagine the products you make and how you make them. Use data, digital and AI to increase resiliency and productivity and improve security and sustainability across the value chain.

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  • Emerging Technology
    Shape the future

    In a rapidly changing world, embrace emerging technology to transform and achieve greater efficiency, effectiveness, and breakthrough innovation.

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  • Enterprise Platforms
    From change to value faster

    Adapt at speed with integrated platforms and applications that bring new industry and function capabilities, leverage data and AI, and empower your people to deliver more value.

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  • Finance and Risk Management
    Investing to build resilience and reduce enterprise risk

    Amid intensifying market disruptions and escalating business volatility, there’s more pressure on Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and Chief Risk Officers (CROs) to balance multiple interconnected transformations while sustaining company performance, profitability and safety.

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  • Learning
    Become a talent creator

    While technology plays a key role in business reinvention, it’s your people who determine its success. How can you build the skills they want, and you need, to grow faster?

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  • Marketing and Experience
    Marketing for a multidimensional world

    Options multiply. Consumer demands evolve. What’s trending today may not be tomorrow. Relevance is essential for growth—create customer experiences that keep up with change.

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  • Metaverse
    Make magic in the metaverse

    The physical and virtual worlds are blending. The metaverse offers new ways to connect, create and consume. And it’s a fresh chance to make totally inclusive, responsible experiences.

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  • Private Equity
    Reinvent the ways you create value

    The next generation of private equity leaders will use an expanded set of value levers to achieve basics fast while mitigating risks and creating ways to grow.

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  • Sales and Commerce
    Commerce at the speed of life

    Commerce has blended into culture as preferences shift moment to moment. The challenge? Keeping up. Stay relevant by matching the pace and turning complexity into convenience.

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  • Strategic Managed Services
    Change more, faster

    As organizations strive to optimize cost and accelerate growth, strategic managed services can help to better prepare them to reinvent operations and drive holistic value at scale.

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  • Strategy
    Leading in the next decade

    Boldly commit to continuous reinvention and join the small but growing number of companies reaching new levels of profitable growth for their businesses, while also providing greater contributions to humanity.

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  • Supply Chain
    Lead the future with supply chain networks

    Anticipate and respond to customer demand. Resilient by design and able to withstand disruptions, supply chain networks drive efficiency, sustainability and growth.

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  • Sustainability
    The sustainability imperative

    Sustainability spans environmental, social and governance issues. Today every organization must embrace sustainability for future competitiveness.

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  • Talent and Organization
    Driving growth through people and technology

    Thriving organizations are driving change at the intersection of technology and talent. The powerful combination of data and AI and real human experience unlocks new work structures, roles and environments which enable people and businesses to thrive.

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  • Technology Transformation
    Transform your technology to deliver change faster

    Reinvent your digital core with the right strategy, talent and modern practices to increase ROI, drive efficiency and redirect spend to innovations that drive growth.

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Unmatched industry expertise

  • Aerospace and Defense
    Navigate headwinds

    From economic uncertainty and supply chain disruptions to skill gaps and shifting consumer expectations, the Aerospace and Defense industry is being challenged. The time is now to embrace a digital-first mindset.

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  • Automotive
    Get beyond the wheel

    The traditional automotive industry has reached a crossroads. We are now operating in a mobility ecosystem, shifting into the next iteration of automotive. To move forward, it’s time to embrace the ecosystem, collaborate beyond industry lines, and find new ways of innovating and partnering for success.

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  • Banking
    Building the next generation of banks

    Technology has changed the way people and businesses bank, and traditional strategies no longer work. Now is the time for bold new approaches to intensifying disruption.

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  • Capital Markets
    Capital Markets: See opportunity everywhere

    A growing number of retail investors. The transition to low-carbon economies. Infrastructure investments in growing markets. For those who reinvent, constant change is constant opportunity.

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  • Chemicals
    Embrace change as a constant

    Traditionally seen as a mature, static industry, chemical companies are facing building pressure to move from reactive to proactive and speed innovation.

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  • Communications and Media
    Be hyper-essential for the hyper-connected

    People and businesses are always on, whether watching, working, or enabling innovative new growth. Keep them engaged and successful by delivering the continuous experiences and capabilities they expect and need.

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  • Consumer Goods and Services
    Humans are reinventing the Consumer Goods and Services industry

    In the age of digital commerce, it is hard to predict what consumers will buy – and why, when and where they buy it. To stay ahead of uncertainty, think like a consumer and focus on building strong relationships.

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  • Energy
    Use disruption to fuel change

    Demand is up. Competition is fierce. People expect sustainability. With inflationary pressures, supply chain network disruptions, and an increased focus on security, energy companies need to change today to compete tomorrow.

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  • Health
    Humanizing healthcare

    People expect intuitive access to their healthcare and personalized experiences. Leaders that reinvent to create easy access and engaging experiences will stay resilient while delivering better outcomes.

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  • High Tech
    Transforming the industry that transforms the world

    The pressure is on to build innovative tech products and services, reimagine supply chain and manufacturing networks and identify new talent sources. Those who reinvent will lead.

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  • Industrial
    Excelling at speed in Industrial

    A myriad of trends from technology shifts to evolving B2B customer expectations, software-driven product purpose, enhanced services and more are driving companies to embrace continuous reinvention. The time is now to redefine industrial business models.

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  • Insurance
    Change for resilience

    Insurance is protection. As people and societies continuously change, carriers must digitize, connect and personalize to meet today’s more complex customer needs.

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  • Life Science
    Redefining the possible in Life Sciences

    To address the changing needs of patients, rising costs, demands for new treatments, and the need for accelerated R&D innovation, life sciences organizations must adopt a modern transformation approach.

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  • Natural Resources
    Be a steward of the world’s natural resources

    As the world looks towards decarbonization, mining, metals, forest products and building materials companies face increasing pressure to shift from being resource producers to resource stewards.

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  • Public Service
    Create meaningful impact today and build stronger communities for tomorrow

    Facing limited resources, increasingly rapid technology advances and a state of perma-crisis, public service organizations who embrace continuous change can have meaningful impact on outcomes for individuals and entire communities.

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  • Retail
    Reset responsibly

    Now is the time to responsibly reset, which means better serving the needs of customers, employees and the communities where they live and work. The challenge is to leverage both digital and physical retail experiences to meet new demands—without compromising results.

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  • Software and Platforms
    A new dawn for the Software & Platforms Industry

    The next chapter of hypergrowth is here. Expanded tech, the battle for attention, and macroeconomic shifts have all led to an industry inflection point, with new opportunities on the horizon.

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  • Travel
    Discover new destinations

    The travel industry is no stranger to disruption. And in the post-pandemic world, travel companies must continuously reinvent to outwit unforeseen circumstances, while providing cohesive, elevated experiences for customers.

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  • Utilities
    Radically reinventing power for net zero

    Utilities are the cornerstone in the transition to a carbon-neutral world. Achieving net-zero ambitions requires radical moves toward reinvention that will generate sustainable value for all.

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We are an Industry of One

We are a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Workday Services, Q2 2024

In the 2024 report, Accenture received the highest score in the Current Offering category, and among the highest scores in the Strategy and Market Presence categories.

The research conducted by Forrester evaluated 12 Workday services providers across 25 criteria, including Workday Human Capital Management, Workday Financial Management, Workday Extend and cloud platform, Workday Adaptive Planning, and Workday Analytics and Reporting (Prism).

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We are a Leader in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix: Marketing Services Assessment 2024

Per the report, “Accenture merged most of its marketing agencies to form Accenture Song, one of the largest technology-powered marketing service providers in the world.”

For this research, Everest Group assessed 34 marketing services providers. Accenture is the highest Leader on the Vision and Capability axis and the highest leader on the Market Impact axis.

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We are a Leader in inaugural IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Life Sciences R&D Lab of the Future Technology Solutions and Consulting Services 2024 Vendor Assessment

In the report, Accenture is positioned as a Leader for both “Strategies” and “Capabilities”.

The IDC MarketScape evaluated 13 vendors who provide services to help implement a Lab of the Future (LotF) strategy and transform and modernize labs across the value chain, from experiment design to manufacturing.

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