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Intelligent public safety unleashed

Digital disruption presents one of the biggest challenges to public safety agencies, but advances in digital technology are also generating some of the most innovative solutions.

Public safety agencies must now police an entirely new virtual space. The UK National Crime Agency states the volume of cybercrime now surpasses that of physical crime. Digital is also increasing citizens’ expectations for faster, more tailored services at a time in which agencies face budget cuts.

Agencies must adopt a preventative approach to guarantee public safety and data-driven insights will be central to this effort. If harnessed appropriately, the enormous amount of data now generated can be used to help predict and prevent criminal activity, while integrating digital technology into services can generate savings and drive value for the public.

Our vision sets out the way the future police workforce will have to look in order to navigate a transformed landscape.

Looking ahead in a digitally disrupted age

Public safety agencies find themselves in the center of a digital storm that will disrupt every aspect of their operations. The question is whether they will emerge stronger or significantly weakened as a result.

Leaders from all areas of public safety must identify and address the new challenges that are emerging. Learn how they’re doing it here.

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Truly Human Public Safety

Public Safety leaders share CX insights

The connected officer in an age of disruption

We are currently living in an age of disruption affecting every aspect of society. Change is being driven by two key factors: a reduction in the cost of new technologies and the impact of different technologies coming together. The pace of technological change is one of many significant challenges facing policing and public safety.

The concept of the "connected officer" continues to develop. Police officers have always been connected to the public and communities they serve, in many different ways. They have also been connected to their colleagues both out on the street, in the control room and while performing investigative or intelligence activities.

Latest public safety insights

Meet our subject matter experts and get their take on some of the most pressing issues facing public safety organisations.

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