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Pos Malaysia: A roadmap to sustainability

The sustainable last mile

Something unexpected happened to last-mile delivery during the pandemic—it got greener.

With many people stuck at home, e-commerce sales skyrocketed.1 When supply chains started moving again, the ecosystem adapted fast. Stores became fulfilment centres. Ship from store and curbside pickup emerged. Parcel drop density rose.

Out of sheer necessity, new consumer behaviours and retailers’ responses to them changed last mile delivery’s carbon footprint. These sustainability gains could produce a remarkably more sustainable last mile. But only with action and smart investment.

The whole last-mile ecosystem—post and parcel organisations, retailers, delivery companies, governments and consumers—is at a tipping point. Go one way, and it can create a truly sustainable last mile. Go the other way, and things worsen unchecked.

No single entity can solve this problem alone.

It will take all ecosystem players working together in ways they never have before.

The last mile can be different—much, much greener—if the ecosystem comes together to act on sustainable last-mile practices.

Post and Parcel trends

Reinventing the Postal and Parcel Industry

Take a look at our in-depth annual analysis of post and parcels globally. Examining industry trends, how different players are responding and what strategies should be applied to ride out disruptions.

Spotlight on postal industry leaders

New technologies and changing customer demands have seen a dramatic shift in the strategic priorities of all post and parcel players. Digital transformation is a driver, and the impact is being felt in delivery demand and supply, returns, cross-border eCommerce and the USO. Post and parcel organisations must improve the delivery experience while pivoting to new business models that reduce costs and realise growth.

Hear from industry leaders to understand how they are addressing these disruptions and gain their perspectives on where the industry is heading next.

Spotlight on An Post

David McRedmond, CEO, An Post

Spotlight on Canada Post

Mary Traversy, COO, Canada Post

Spotlight on Deutsche Post

Thomas Baldry, SVP, Deutsche Post

Spotlight on Royal Mail

Stephen Agar, Director – Letters, Royal Mail

Latest postal insights

Smart parcel delivery can promote more sustainable operations for post and parcel operators.

Andre Pharand discusses the rising focus on sustainability over the “last mile”.

Delivery organisations involved in the last mile can come together to make the process more sustainable.

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