The public service journey to secure cloud

Government agencies are searching for scale, speed, savings, and security in the cloud.

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Cloud Migration

Public Service cloud continuum

Cloud acceleration and digital platforms

Australian Government agencies must plan to scale services rapidly and seamlessly using cloud technology and digital platforms with certainty while being mindful of citizen/workforce trust and security.

Accelerate the outcomes

Government agencies with an outcomes-focused approach to cloud adoption increase resilience and flexibility.

Define the vision

Progress starts with a vision and a plan that sets the foundation and addresses barriers so that agencies can move past them swiftly and strategically.

Take the right approach

Make plans with the destination in mind, and tailor the strategy to meet the organisations’ needs.

Focus on the people

Put people at the heart of the journey to cloud; truly transforming and innovating how agencies work and serve citizens and businesses.

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The cloud imperative for government

Government agencies are embracing cloud at an accelerating rate today. It’s no wonder. Organisations crave the benefits of lower infrastructure costs and greater flexibility. After all, cloud is the means to the end of future service delivery models. Consumption can be dialed up and down on demand, which allows agencies to monitor spend closely, while creating more insight-driven services. It’s all in the service of better, data-driven decision making and to enable a more personalised user interface.

As important as these outcomes are—and what they mean for the future of government service delivery and operations—agencies don’t always know the right approach to investing in and migrating to cloud. Add to that the pressure they feel as they scramble to meet the demands of the post-pandemic environment. The benefits of cloud are clear. But how can agencies break through the barriers and make cloud work for them—and for those they serve? Read more here.

Case studies

In today’s fast-paced world of rapidly evolving technology, successful innovation requires a different approach.

Digitising contact tracing to flatten the COVID-19 curve.

Starting up Smoothly is a network of readily available, AI-powered virtual assistants to help foreigners set up businesses in Finland.

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Public service insights

Get the latest thinking about how government organisations are leveraging cloud technology and digital platforms.

Why is cloud imperative in defence – and why now?

Defence agencies need greater agility to respond to an ever-evolving threat landscape. There are three key drivers for their adoption of cloud.

Cloud based SIS implementation

How do we orchestrate an end-to-end experience from prospective student to alum? What are the market trends for growth and services?

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