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The Intelligent Automation Platform

Automation at rapid scale and speed

Platform features

Modular building blocks

Snap together and create automations in a fraction of the time.

Development accelerators

Automate at speed with no need for client provided test environments or test data.

Liquid infrastructure

Instantly and automatically reacts to volume spikes and troughs.

Intelligent scheduling

Self-manages robot allocation, drawing on unlimited capacity.

Process on-demand

A pay-per use model for Infrastructure, computer power and robot consumption.

Applied Intelligence

Brings big data, analytics, AI and machine learning to automations.

Legacy optimisation

Automations integrate with all legacy systems without making changes.

Proven security

Engineered to the highest government security standards.

Technical debt-free

Automations and the Platform can be instantly dissolved.

Strategic automation

Accelerate the digital agenda with AI, machine-learning and big data-driven automations.

Create a limitless, agile workforce by more efficiently combining human and digital.

Deliver cloud now automation and hasten the organisation’s journey to the cloud.

Delivering results


operational hours saved.


automations scaled and deployed.


items processed.

On demand webinar


Make your automation more intelligent

We all recognise the promise of automation, but the reality is holding us back. A new approach to automation holds the answer.


Our leaders

Amar Narayan

Managing Director – Consulting, Health & Public Service, Intelligent Automation, EMEA

Colin Chambers

Intelligent Automation Platform DevOps Lead

Tom Baker

Intelligent Automation Platform Delivery Lead

Govindaraj Pandurangan

Intelligent Automation Platform AI Solutions Lead

Ana-Maria Mihoc

Intelligent Automation Platform Operations Lead