Embark: Travel, Tech and Trust podcast series

Travel experts break down cloud beyond the technology: How to reinvigorate traveler confidence, build resilience and innovate in the new era.


It’s a new dawn for the travel industry. Trust is at the forefront–from booking to return. Tune in to listen to industry leaders and their stories.

Data is hidden treasure

Episode #8

All travel companies collect a lot of data, but most don’t put it to good use. Who owns the data? And what can travelers get back in return? Listen to data experts from Lufthansa Group and Accenture as they discuss how to mine data to improve operations, revenues, and the customer experience. Learn how to address data governance challenges, get some quick wins and achieve long-term goals.


En route: Sustainability, transparency and trust

Episode #7

In this episode, we explore the role of technology in helping travel companies become more sustainable. Hear from our guest speakers Arielle Quick at Marriott, Virginia Messina at World Travel and Tourism Council, and Jesko Neuenburg at Accenture on the challenges, benefits, progress, and best practices of sustainability programs for travel companies.


Soul searching: A creative and pragmatic approach

Episode #6

How should travel companies structure themselves to bring the most value to customers and generate maximum revenue per traveler? One way is to operationalize digital instead of focusing on digital as a channel. Join Accenture’s Johnathan Sullivan and Padraig Connolly in a dynamic discussion of how travel companies can cross the digital-physical divide and be creative and pragmatic in product innovation.

Buying business travel? What corporates want

Episode #5

Southwest has always done business travel differently. Hear from David Harvey, VP Southwest Business, how they’re adapting to recent changes. For one, Southwest is investing in digital to help corporate clients do omni-channel bookings that are linked to the company’s own backend. “Companies don’t want it to be a headache for expense reporting and mid and back office,” Harvey said.


The connected stay: The front office

Episode #4

A new traveler profile is emerging: the post-pandemic “bleisure” traveler. Hear from industry experts on how connected experiences will help these travelers get more of what they want: combining work and leisure, appropriate work spaces on the road, and service on-demand. Meet Gonzalo Carpintero, VP of Operations EMEA and Head of Business Transformations at Radisson, and Helen Hickson, Global Mobility Lead at Accenture, and learn how hospitality companies can embrace change in business travel. 

The connected journey begins: Boarding has started

Episode #3

Today’s new traveler expects a connected journey from start to finish. From real-time bag tracking to the 60 steps it takes to turn an aircraft, we’re talking with leaders from Melbourne airport and WestJet to explore the airport of the future, what it means for employees and operations, and what can be done to move faster.


Meet today’s new traveler

Episode #1

For travel companies, the next step starts here. In our first Embark episode, we’ll cover the state of the travel industry, from the new traveler and their heightened expectations, and why the race to cloud is crucial to survival.

Then, join us for a tour of how execs across the boardroom—including CMOs, CHROs, COOs and CCOs—are using cloud to adapt to change and reposition for the road ahead.


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