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Public infrastructure: The time is now

November 13, 2021


In brief

Committing to investments in public infrastructure

Harnessing efficiency from opportunity


of public infrastructure leaders list regulatory & compliance as a top-three pain point for their most recently completed infrastructure project.


of public infrastructure agencies typically have three or more ongoing projects simultaneously. 17% typically have more than five.


told us that customer expectations drove changes in digital investments over the past year.

New challenges, competing priorities

Providing a future-proof infrastructure

Develop a holistic strategy

Have a 360° view that identifies current pain points while predicting future challenges and digital needs.

Reimagine the role of data in infrastructure

Anticipate and architect the future role of digital and data in your organization.

Bring together ecosystem partners

Break down industry silos with a collaborative approach designed to deliver on the end-user’s needs in the long term.

Moving forward

The Illinois Department of Transportation has developed a new data-driven decisions tool to prioritize investments that deliver the greatest benefits.– Metropolitan Planning Council

The window of opportunity

Meet the team

Ryan Oakes

Global Health & Public Service Industry Practices Chair

Stephen Zoegall

Global Cities & Public Transport Lead

Rahul Gupta

Managing Director – Consulting, Cities, Transport and Infrastructure, North America
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