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Inclusion and diversity

Getting to Equal 2019 reveals that promoting equality isn't just an ethical imperative, it's a business priority.

In an era of disruption, digital technologies are helping to spur the scale and pace of innovation. To keep up, business leaders need their employees on board. But people cannot be forced to innovate; to unlock their creative potential, they need to be empowered. Our study, "Creating a culture that drives innovation", finds that equality in the workplace is a stronger predictor of the innovative potential of its employees than a range of other factors—including diversity, education, company size, sector and location.


Getting to Equal 2019 | Accenture

In Accenture's Getting to Equal 2019, we reveal that promoting equality isn’t just an ethical imperative, it’s a business priority. See more.

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The Risks of Using AI to Interpret Human Emotions

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Tools for Human Success in an AI-Driven Workplace

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Book, "Pivot to the Future" details how companies can adapt and grow with changing technology

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