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Providing Truly Bold Solutions

Supply chain control tower - from visibility to value


Supply Chain & Operations

Helping clients create enduring change by reimagining tomorrow’s supply networks to positively impact business, society and the planet.

Digital Transformation

Understanding digital transformation and how our insights can help drive business value.

Digital Platform Services

Enable VA enterprise using new ways of working with the transformative power of data and digital technologies.

Salesforce Solutions and Innovations

Accenture is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to designing, implementing and operating Salesforce solutions.

Federal health

Engaging our commercial health expertise allows you to keep up with the accelerating pace of change to innovate faster and improve outcomes.

Applied Intelligence

Accenture Federal Services helps agencies use Applied Intelligence to streamline operations, improve citizen outcomes and reimagine the mission.

Accenture Federal Studio

Putting people first to design and deliver services, solutions and products that radically simplify how we engage with government.

What we think

Building data products as a competitive differentiator

Accenture shows how organizations with strong data product management function can build data products and business value by productizing their data.

Futureframe: Human-centered design at societal scale

Accenture's research advises federal leaders how to boost government customer experience with human-centered design.

Securing the government enterprise: The case for managed security services

Accenture outlines how managed security services like XDR enable federal agencies to secure their government enterprise from cyberattacks.

Case studies

Driving connectivity

Accenture helped Microsoft implement an intelligent fleet management system to unify the management of their transportation fleet.

Fueling an ERP-driven business transformation

AkzoNobel and Accenture implemented a less complex and future-proof ERP system landscape that increases efficiency and value to customers.


Meet the team

Shawn Roman

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services

Dr. Ron Moody

Chief Medical Officer – Accenture Federal Services

Jennifer Gardner

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Growth and Strategy Lead

Maggie Pollard

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Strategy and Consulting Account Lead

Maureen Brown

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services

Allison Nowotnik Fisher

Management Consulting Senior Manager – Accenture Federal Services

K. Allen Whiteacre

Associate Director – Accenture Federal Services

Azocha Nkobena

Senior Manager – Accenture Federal Services, Digital Platforms Lead
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