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Go beyond with Oracle Cloud and Autonomous


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Innovate and grow with Oracle Cloud & Autonomous

Accelerate the Journey to Oracle Autonomous

Into the future with Oracle Autonomous database

To scale your enterprise, look to Oracle Cloud 

Cracking the mainframe-to-cloud conundrum

Accenture's Mainframe Cloudification program can help unlock the cloud's capabilities with ease, using OCI. Learn more.

Turbocharge your performance, move to Oracle Cloud

OCI enables migration without disruption or compromise. Learn more.

Move to the cloud to build a better business

OCI can help you build a better business that dynamically scales for growth. Learn more.

Experience new frontiers with Oracle Cloud

Multi-Cloud is here. Are you maximizing your value?

Oracle Cloud is the catalyst


Only Oracle Cloud delivers IaaS, PaaS and SaaS all in one—as well as the ability to run non-Oracle workloads in multicloud environments.


Oracle Cloud offers unmatched levels of privacy and security with database systems that are deployed into a virtual cloud network (VCN) by default.


Consolidating your data in Oracle Cloud makes it accessible across your applications, optimizes your software, and improves the quality of insights.


Intelligence at scale unleashes the power of your people to imagine new experiences, find new sources of growth and act on a common enterprise vision.


Oracle Cloud and Autonomous enables you to deliver engaging and effective user experiences for your employees and your customers.


Accenture is recognized as a key Oracle partner - together we push Beyond cloud efficiency and speed—to reinvention at scale.


Bring AI to your data—and applied intelligence to your business—for real-time insights that help your people make better, faster decisions.


Autonomous enables end-to-end automation for provisioning, security, updates and much more—freeing up your people to focus on higher value work.


Oracle Cloud scales compute power up and down as you need it, enabling you to run power-intensive AI models more efficiently.


Oracle charges 70-80% less for data egress than other hyperscalers, expanding access to your mission-critical data.


As the foundation for a culture of continuous innovation, your people are empowered to accelerate product cycles and pivot instantly to new needs.


With our Applied Intelligent services, we can scale AI, Analytics and Automation to power every single process - so your organization works smarter, not harder.


Oracle apps run at a faster speed on Oracle Cloud.


Oracle Cloud’s built-in security spans edge services, monitoring, virtual networks, instances, data and identity.


You can count on Oracle Cloud with 99.995% uptime guaranteed, and the only end-to-end SLAs covering performance, availability and manageability.


Migration tools streamline your cloud journey, while your existing Oracle workloads run even better on Oracle Cloud.


Pay as you go, only for what you use, while unlocking the agility to respond swiftly to changing demands on your business.


Oracle Cloud has the highest-performing IaaS offering on Oracle workloads, giving you confidence for mission-critical functions.


Grow, innovate and generate sustainable value

Data’s worth depends on its accessibility and application. Data on cloud gains scale, agility, and the power to drive reinvention. Modernize your data foundation, so you can innovate with data and cloud and your business can soar.

Reliable partnership to push beyond cloud efficiency


We have more than 61,000 Oracle-skilled professionals across our global Oracle application services, including more than 6,500 certified implementation specialists.


Our team has won 183 Oracle awards since 2003—including more than 30 since 2016.


We have 120+ data experts in our Enkitec data group.

What we think

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Awards and recognition

Case studies

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Tech company transforms through Oracle cloud infrastructure.

Our leaders

Julian Dontcheff

Oracle Technology Lead – Global and EMEA

Richard Agnew

Oracle Technology Lead – Emerging Markets

Nish Patel

Managing Director – Oracle Business Group, North America