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Innovation and creativity taking place behind closed doors is outdated, therefore our open innovation platform brings innovators together.

Unleash your potential with open innovation

Accenture Baltics leads a set of activities that bring an open innovation approach and mindset into action. We work with our partners and clients in the local and global ecosystems. Starting from mentoring hackathons and workshops to prototyping and testing in the Accenture Baltics Innovation hub, we continue to co-innovate with startups and scaleups, and conduct research with universities and scientific institutes.


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Quantum algorithms—uses for business and society

Center for Quantum Computer Science of the University of Latvia is one of the four leading quantum computing research centers in Europe.

Accenture Baltics has joined forces with the research team of the Quantum Computer Science Centre of the Faculty of Computer Science of the University of Latvia to research how to pragmatically apply quantum algorithms.

Accenture Baltics Lead Maksims Jegorovs explains that,
"During the collaboration, we are providing an insight into our experience and expertise by sharing our knowledge on the applicability of quantum algorithms in the financial sector, biopharmaceutics, materials science, optimization, and machine learning.“

Andris Ambainis, a professor at the University of Latvia, adds that,
“Collaboration with industry is of great importance because it allows us to understand the right directions of research and to better direct it in the future so that it is as useful as possible.”

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Join open innovation movement VEFRESH

The VEFRESH movement was launched in 2019 when Accenture and local ecosystem partners developed the VEF district into a smart city testbed where corporates, startups and public sector can test their latest solutions in a public space.

Technology and solutions developers from industries like energy and water management, smart buildings, traffic and transportation or any solution that improves the quality of urban life can benefit from using the VEF district as their pilot territory.

VEF neighborhood is already a hotspot for Latvia’s main tech companies, which account for more than 40% of Latvia’s annual IT exports and employs more than 4000 technology specialists.

If you believe in open innovation and want to be a part of the growing collaboration culture in the Baltics, join VEFRESH.


Share your ideas at open innovation meetup

Meet with innovators and innovation ecosystem players to discuss how to improve collaboration and co-innovation within all industries and areas. We search for best practices here, but also for new partners to start collaborating with.


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