About Accenture Latvia

Accenture Latvia is a leading provider of technology and technology consulting services using top talent that we recruit from our region.

Join us on our mission to provide top solutions to internationally known clients.

Build your IT career at Accenture Latvia

Creating your career at Accenture Latvia has never been easier. If you already have experience in any of the technologies that we work with, you are welcome to submit a CV anytime. We are the third largest employer in Latvia and are ready to welcome you. If you are ready to change careers or learn a new technology, then apply to our bootcamps. If you want to start a career in IT, keep your eyes open for our bootcamp offers and apply early.

Once you begin your career with us, you will enjoy many opportunities to advance, travel and be a part of the international family that is Accenture. We work with some of the world’s biggest and most forward-thinking companies and are ready to welcome you to this world.

Accenture Latvia in numbers

Accenture Latvia is a truly international business and we see it in our colleagues, business and growth.


We grew to 1500 employees in one year.


Over half of our business is in the Nordics.


The number of specialists we have providing services to the Communications, Media, Technology industries.

Accenture Latvia has significant success and leads with innovation

Open source innovation platform

Our open source innovation platform brings innovation to all.

Virtual reality = virtual clothes

We leverage VR to let you try on clothes from home.

Business consulting with SAP

Learn about how Accenture Latvia develops talent from tech to consulting.

Riga Liquid Studio

What will 2019 bring?

Smart cities need smart traffic.

Experience the new with Accenture Latvia.

Baltic Startup Magazine

We are proud to have the 3rd Baltic Startup magazine published recently that gives an insight into challenges of startups and innovation.

Maksims Jegorovs

Accenture Latvia Lead

A day at Accenture

Join us for a taste of one day at Accenture and see the exciting world we work in. We are ready to welcome you for more than just one day.

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