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Welcome to Accenture Baltics

Accenture Baltics is a leading provider of technology and technology consulting services and develops our greatest asset – talent in our region.

Baltic innovation leaders

Join us on our mission to provide top solutions and work with most Fortune Global 500 companies

On the fast track to success

Formula 1 brings new viewers and possibilities to life in a new platform.

Battling bankruptcy with cloud technology

The State Treasury of Finland used native cloud technology to save hundreds of businesses from bankruptcy during the pandemic.

Liberating data insights with cloud

Data scientists from Accenture and a central bank partnered to liberate data and make it easily available to the analysts who advise policy makers.

Outokumpu unifies operations with SAP S/4HANA

In search of a new growth platform, Outokumpu turned to Accenture for a new SAP S/4HANA® system for improved decision-making.

Municipality Kate: More than a chatbot

The city of Riihimäki, Finland, relies on Municipality Kate to transform how it meets citizen needs.

AI-driven Virtual Agent Network for entrepreneurs

Driving the world's most forward-thinking talent to Finland with AI powered virtual agents.

Accenture partnered with Roche to build NAVIFY® tumor board

NAVIFY smooths treatment of cancer by gathering all patient data in one place and available with a single click.

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Accenture Baltics has significant success and leads with innovation

Baltic Startup Scene

There are numerous startups in the Baltics which have become global success stories, which are essential for a well-functioning ecosystem.

Maksims Jegorovs
Accenture Latvia Lead

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Join us for a taste of one day at Accenture and see the exciting world we work in. We are ready to welcome you for more than just one day.

Welcome to Accenture Baltics