See how we bring change to life with our clients and in our communities—including behind-the-scenes stories from our people—around the world, each and every day.

Stories of change

Change From Every Angle campaign showcases the wide-reaching impact of Accenture's work with our clients in the form of an interactive content series – featuring short videos that focus on each side of the story. By featuring our people, our clients and members from the wider community in their own words, we are able to communicate a deeper connection to how we embrace change to create value and the tangible benefit of the work through a truly human lens.

For our first story, viewers will be able to see every side of how, together, we are helping CMHC achieve their goal of affordable homes for everyone in Canada by 2030. Research shows having a place to call home helps people feel more invested in their community, leading to a stronger, safer, happier society.



The future is in applied intelligence

Sanjay Sharma, Managing Director of Accenture Applied Intelligence, leads Accenture's team of 900+ data professionals in India. A true thought leader who has championed the evolution of digital transformation in India, Sharma shares how we’re entering a second wave of digital transformation and why this time, artificial intelligence alone won’t be enough to lead businesses—and careers—into the future.​


Get the most from your cloud journey

Capitalizing on the cloud is not just about being in the cloud. It’s about continuous optimization and transformation to achieve ongoing business value—an unfulfilled outcome for many companies ​

Accenture recognized an opportunity to take a fresh look at how we were structuring our cloud services. Given that the world of cloud is rapidly maturing, constantly changing, and becoming more sophisticated, it was clear that what we started with is no longer the most effective approach for us now.

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