In brief

In brief

  • The CFO’s role is getting far more challenging. The CFO must now spearhead strategic progress, not just safeguard the organization.
  • A move to the cloud can help CFOs fuel growth and innovation, increase operational efficiency, and reduce total IT costs.
  • Oracle Cloud in particular helps CFOs become guardians of economic value, architects of business value, and savvy digital strategists.
  • Moving to the cloud is more cost-effective and secure with knowledgeable partners. It’s also essential for innovation.

CFOs need to move their organizations to the cloud to heighten their intelligence and become catalysts of digital transformation, not just financial guardians. By combining the Accenture Finance Transformation and Change Management expertise and assets with Oracle SaaS applications and Cloud solutions, CFOs can establish a culture of data insights and foresight, intelligent automation, and continuous innovation.

"CFOs should embrace the role of custodian of digital information as the business becomes ever more dependent on deriving monetizable insights from data."


CFO's move to the cloud

The level of uncertainty introduced by the pandemic and simultaneous rapid changes puts unheard-of pressure on CFOs. They are the primary contact with investors and analysts and regulators, need to remain on top of regulations, social, and business changes, and at the same time must maintain control over the traditional day-to-day responsibilities of a CFO.

  • Boards and investors are demanding that CFOs provide better data faster.
  • Regulators are demanding CFOs assure compliance with more laws and regulations.
  • ESG mandates from regulators and institutional investors are forcing CFOs to analyze an ever-increasing number of often poorly understood externalities as they oversee investments and M&A activities.

There is no “sit and wait” option for CFOs hoping to take their place at the forefront of the profession.

Your experienced Accenture-Oracle team is inspired to be your partner to leapfrog over the status quo.


of CFOs are retooling finance with the latest technology for the specific purpose of extending influence across the enterprise. (1)


renewable energy is used to run Oracle's data centers and facilities, substantially reducing companies’ carbon footprint when they adopt both Oracle SaaS or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


transparent and known TCO for Accounting, Close and Consolidation is achieved through Oracle and Accenture activation of data innovation and cloud integration for clients. (1)

"myConcerto, Accenture’s platform for sales, solutioning, and delivery, is our engine for capturing, scaling and industrializing innovation for clients. With Oracle, we drive go-to-market programs to achieve leading-edge results for our clients."

– PHILLIP HAZEN, Accenture

Andrea Cesarini

Managing Director – Oracle Business Group Lead, Europe

Cormac Watters

Executive Vice President, EMEA, Apps Lead, Oracle


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