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Intelligent operating model

How is your operating model handling disruption?

Total Enterprise Reinvention

See how "Reinventors" are setting a new performance frontier for their companies–and entire industries.

Adapting to a new range of challenges

Build new business models

Implement multiple new business models while seeing through commitment to existing businesses.

Optimize digital transformation

Design flexible teams, talent and processes that underpin successful adoption of AI, cloud and other technologies.

Reduce complexity and cost

Apply the right balance of automated and human work to improve efficiencies and decision-making.

Integrate M&As

Integrate new entities and create liquid ways to work with more outside partners.

Embed sustainability and responsibility

Re-wire the business to meet its purpose, compete in sustainable markets and embed responsible practices and culture.

Inspire innovation

Create processes that facilitate risk-taking in a culture of autonomy and experimentation.

Build human-centered organizations

Use data and insights to configure your operating model to create world-class customer and employee experiences.

Future Organization

An operating model that works for your people

What we think

The resilient operating model

Building organizational agility and resiliency to respond to continuously changing markets and customer behaviors.

Networked, Scaled and Agile

How to shape organizations that will enable people to make faster and better decisions in a more complex world.

Move fast to thrive: Intelligent operating model

Three quarters of businesses report increased disruption from shifting customer demands and new market entrants.

Operating model blogs


Operating Model

A vision for growth

Sakthi’s new go-to-market approach increased incoming business year-over-year by 60 percent and sales productivity by 70 percent.
Operating Model

Industrial IoT transformation builds new revenue streams

An IIoT platform helped Biesse Group gather real-time data to improve customer service and loyalty.
Mergers & Acquisitions

Carve out for competitive agility

To focus on high-growth market segments in the semiconductor sector, NXP needed to divest a leg of business.

Building the future workforce

Avis faced disruption with an end-to-end workplace solution to increase HR agility.

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