Cloud Design

A collaborative offering from Accenture and Google Cloud, designed to create customer-centric businesses through open, agile innovation.

"In an era of rapid change, agility is key. Through Cloud Design, we’re combining Accenture’s transformation experience with Google’s unique technology and culture to nurture innovation."

— Siddharth Mehta, Accenture Google Cloud Business Group UKI Lead


Accelerating Financial Services on the Cloud

Innovation collaboration

Transformation is a complex process. Aimed at cross-function executive teams, Cloud Design is a new offering designed to deliver the best of Accenture and Google, putting our expertise and alternative ways of thinking at your fingertips.

Accenture methodology

Access world-class transformation consultants who understand the industry-specific challenges enterprises face, and have strategies to solve them.

Google Magic

Working hand-in-hand with Google, get ready to think outside the box and find new solutions to old problems.

Powerful co-creation

Accenture, Google, and you – working together to achieve business transformation at scale and speed.

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Problem to solution, powered by cloud

In a world as fast moving as ours, having the flexibility to change, grow and deliver new services at speed is crucial. It’s no wonder businesses are asking how to unlock that flexibility – and as many have discovered, cloud is often the answer, providing the efficiency and the agility that’s needed to thrive.

But moving from legacy ways of working to rapid innovation requires the right strategy, mindset and culture. Whether you’re looking to become a cloud native organisation, bring new products and services to market faster, migrate your data, or build collaboration into every layer of your team, Cloud Design can help you design a cloud-powered outcome that’s uniquely suited to your needs.


Get set for better innovation

Cloud Design sessions accelerate ideas into action with a fearless approach to problem solving and leading-edge technology. We offer five tailored Designs that create the momentum you need to implement transformation at pace.


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Building Customer Centricity

Start the Design

The first step to innovation is choosing the Cloud Design that’s right for you and your team. With five distinct offerings, where will you go next?

Data modernisation

For those looking to become a truly customer-centric organisation, data is pivotal – but only if you can use it to generate insights at scale.

  • Imagine and build a data powered organisation.
  • Migrate and modernise data platforms and workloads.
  • Realise the value from data while reducing CAPEX spend.

Data centre migration

As you build a hybrid data strategy fit for the future, this Ascent helps you develop effective migration strategies and modernise applications.

  • Envisage a long-term data strategy.
  • Evaluate the cost, efficiency and risk issues attached to migration.
  • Create test cases, models, and practical plans for migration.

Advanced customer engagement

It’s time to rethink the contact centre. Learn to optimise existing capabilities and serve customers better, faster and more efficiently.

  • Revitalise existing contact centre capabilities.
  • Evolve strategies and operations to improve customer experience.
  • Test and model new services using automation and AI/ML.

Cloud native organisation

Building the right solutions means nothing if you can’t accelerate your time to market. Create a culture of innovation and agility by becoming cloud native.

  • Create new revenue streams faster.
  • Weave practices like Agile, DevOps and SRE into new ways of working.
  • Establish business principles for product innovation.

Cloud collaboration

When collaboration is in your DNA, everyone can innovate faster towards customer-centricity. Inspired by Google’s unique culture, this Design shows you how.

  • Create a secure, efficient culture of collaboration.
  • Build a model to innovate faster and more efficiently.
  • Enable flexible ways of working.

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