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Intelligent public safety platform

An intelligent platform for smarter policing


Get the latest on IPSP from Accenture and AWS.

Meet the demands of modern policing

Customized for your needs

Use and pay for only what you need. Customize IPSP and integrate it into your existing systems to lower costs, improve insights and extract value.

Insights to aid decision making

Rapidly generate traceable and accountable insights from data - find new leads in cold cases or identify officers who may be suffering from stress.

Building trust with citizens

By using Accenture’s Conscientious Innovation methodology, IPSP allows public safety agencies to increase transparency for citizens and the public.

A single view of policing data

IPSP brings together multiple data sets in real-time, allowing you to visualize insights for complex issues from human trafficking to cybercrime.

Speed up delivery of results

Powered by AWS, IPSP allows you to collect, store, analyze and visualize data faster, reducing risk of long delays or cost overruns.

Reduce run costs, increase return on investment

IPSP helps to control IT costs and empowers end users to utilize the latest applications, user interfaces and interactions.

West Midlands Police: Serve and protect with cloud

Data-driven insights have transformed operations.

One platform. Insight across four capabilities.

Situational awareness

Empowers frontline officers and rapid response teams to bring together traditional policing data, news, open source and partner information to understand their deployed environment. It prepares officers to be proactive in response and measured in application of their powers.

Enhanced investigations

Detectives and analysts can perform complex data queries and pattern matching across varied datasets to accelerate the understanding of complex criminal investigations. The ability to analyze text, audio and video in one investigation bring greater clarity and chain of custody audit.

Force management

Allows police chiefs, captains and commanders to understand and build a resilient workforce that is fit for purpose and efficient. Officer wellbeing is also supported to prevent stress and improve the ability to ensure public trust and confidence.

Digital evidence management

Provides a central management, triage and evidence storage solution for officers to manage a variety of evidence types (e.g. text, image, video, audio) with traceability and auditability for investigative and evidentiary purposes.

Data insights for multiple public safety roles

Police commander

A holistic view of people, budgets and mission intelligence helps those in command deploy resources efficiently while building trust with the public.

First responder

Real-time updates keep officers informed about their mission, and what actions they should be ready to take, so they can protect citizens safely.


IPSP gives detectives and intelligence analysts the tools to join disparate datasets, recording activities for greater transparency and oversight.

Forensic analyst

Digital evidence can yield crucial insights when they are predictable and repeatable without compromising a digital chain of custody.

Data-driven. Future-proof.

Our leaders

Valerie Armbrust

Managing Director – Health & Public Service, Technology and Cloud

Jody Weis

Former Law Enforcement Leader – Public Safety Advisor

Lara Al-Sakar

Senior Manager – Public Service, Public Safety Lead, North America

James Slessor

Managing Director - Health & Public Service, Public Safety

Carl Sharpe

Director – Technology Consulting, Public Safety

Dimitri Vedeneev

Senior Manager – Technology, Public Safety Security Lead, Netherlands