Automation at rapid scale and speed

The Intelligent Automation Platform solves the big automation challenges. It creates automations in weeks, scales them instantly and infinitely, and integrates legacy systems so automations are truly end-to-end. And it is cloud now. That’s just the start. Intelligent robots reinvent Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine-learning and data analytics enable hyper automation, while a partnership with Amazon Web Services accesses over 200 cloud solutions. It means the Platform can deliver an almost limitless number of automations, from the most basic to the highly strategic.

What’s the benefit? Automation can now extract the latent value in legacy, hasten digital transformation, deliver better customer experiences, and accelerate the journey to the cloud.

Platform features

The Intelligent Automation Platform ensures the rapid and continuous integration of automation into your business operations, in-cloud. It can be developed and operated as an Accenture managed service, or, deployed on a client AWS cloud account.

Modular building blocks

Snap together and create automations in a fraction of the time.

Development accelerators

Automate at speed with no need for client provided test environments or test data.

Liquid infrastructure

Instantly and automatically reacts to volume spikes and troughs.

Intelligent scheduling

Self-manages robot allocation, drawing on unlimited capacity.

Process on-demand

A pay-per use model for Infrastructure, computer power and robot consumption.

Applied Intelligence

Brings big data, analytics, AI and machine learning to automations.

Legacy optimisation

Automations integrate with all legacy systems without making changes.

Proven security

Engineered to the highest government security standards.

Technical debt-free

Automations and the Platform can be instantly dissolved.

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Strategic automation

Elevate automation from a tactical, sticking plaster to a strategic IT capability.

Accelerate the digital agenda with AI, machine-learning and big data-driven automations.

Create a limitless, agile workforce by more efficiently combining human and digital.

Deliver cloud now automation and hasten the organisation’s journey to the cloud.

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Delivering results


operational hours saved.


automations scaled and deployed.


items processed.

On demand webinar

How can the public sector deliver better, more effective automation strategies, avoid IT spaghetti or legacy debt, and scale automation faster? This webinar will give the answers. It challenges all the big preconceptions that surround automation and introduces a new approach to public sector automation. But it’s not just theory. You will see how a government department has already employed this new approach to great effect.

Listen to this webinar and:

  • Learn more about the Government’s automation agenda from the Cabinet Office
  • Understand the big automation challenges that government departments must conquer to deliver the Government’s automation ambitions.
  • See a new, modular and rapidly scalable approach to automation that avoids IT spaghetti, increases workforce resilience, improves RoI and accelerates digital change.
  • Hear the Department of Work and Pensions outline how they approached and implemented automation in this way, before and during COVID-19.

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