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"Despite tough times organisations are thriving by using the cloud as a flexible foundation for their business."

— Emma Kendrew, Infrastructure and Engineering Lead – Accenture UKI

Think like a start-up

The cloud can help mature businesses think and act like start-ups. With more scalable and flexible foundations, it becomes easier to organise teams around key business challenges and embrace new approaches, such as DevOps and automation. Taken together, measures like these can help ensure organisations remain agile, responsive, and relevant in a competitive market.


Build intelligence from your data

The cloud enables organisations to capitalise on their data to drive growth. Self-teaching algorithms help you spot patterns in data you wouldn’t have noticed before. Combine your data safely with that of your partners and learn more about your markets – or even create new ones.


Create new value through meaningful experiences

Today, leading businesses and public bodies are harnessing the cloud to reimagine experiences right across their organisation. Using the power of the cloud to combine data, analytics and automation allows you to innovate new tailored and meaningful experiences that excite and enable customers, citizens and employees.


Increase your speed to market

Cloud technology can help improve business agility, letting organisations launch new products and services more quickly than before. The right use of the cloud with the right strategy behind it unlocks innovation and escapes the limitations of legacy systems. Our kickoff video in this series looks at the business-wide benefits of transformation.


Achieve emission reduction by 84%

The Covid pandemic has demonstrated the cloud’s business potential, but now we’re seeing its green potential, too. Cloud technology can make it easier for you to meet your environmental, social and corporate governance targets. For instance, simply using the right programming language can reduce an app’s energy consumption by up to 50 times.


Transform your financial services business

Cloud technology can transform customer service and innovation. It can cut operating costs (by 10 – 20%), accelerate speed to market (by 30 – 50%) and fast forward provisioning (by 40-50%). Our examples come direct from the financial services industry, but the lessons our clients have learned here apply to most other sectors.


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