Bring your vision to life.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a consultant in Financial Services.


Harness the power of emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain and robotics, with innovation at the core of your role.


Pursue your passions and deepen your expertise working with
clients that include 85% of the financial services institutions
on the Fortune Global 500.


Celebrate your individuality and make lifelong friendships by
joining a team where diversity of thought and perspective are the norm.






In today's economic climate, the challenges facing financial firms are exceptionally complex.

Regulatory requirements, risk, evolving operational issues, changing customer expectations – all of these mean that if firms want to continue to be profitable and sustainable, they have to re-evaluate, possibly even reinvent, the way they do business. We have the expertise to help them do exactly that. In fact, over the last year alone, we have seen a phenomenal growth in demand for our services. And all of that is what makes this such an exciting place to develop your financial services career.

Our Financial Services expertise spans seven core areas:



Drive our growth as you accelerate your own

Our Banking practice counts a number of high profile Fortune Global 500 organisations among its client base – and it’s growing fast. Especially here in the UK. We work on end-to-end management consulting, technology and business process outsourcing projects to help our clients achieve greater profitability, quality and reliability. What’s more, we’re investing in assets and tools to ensure we’re at the forefront of innovations and changes in banking. Each project we undertake opens up new challenges; for you it means the opportunity to use your intellectual vigour to support new clients, business issues, technologies and people.

Joining us as an industry-focused professional, a technology consultant or a management consultant, this is your opportunity to work with like-minded people and to be at the forefront of thought leadership. You’ll do that by bringing fresh perspectives and a passion for pushing the limits of what’s possible. And although you don’t need to be a technical expert to join us here, it’s important that you can engage with clients about their issues and needs. If you want to take on interesting challenges that will open up new possibilities for your career and your clients, Banking could be the place for you.

Our solutions are embraced by:

84% of the top 50 banks worldwide

16 of the top 20 money changers worldwide

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Take insurance into a new era - and your career into new territory

We have big plans for the growth of our Insurance practice. In fact, it’s been designated an area of strategic investment at Board level. Now we need to find the skilled and passionate insurance professionals who can help us deliver on our big plans for the future. The work we do here is wide reaching. From strategy through to implementation, we provide both services and software encompassing everything from digital insurance and our Accenture Life Insurance Platform through to claims services, life insurance BPO and product, policy and underwriting.

A career here means working with a range of insurers, enabling them to perform at the highest level by providing consulting, outsourcing and technology solutions – differentiated solutions that cover strategy, products, people, processes and operating models. It means addressing business needs across the complete value chain, and helping leading insurers to industrialise their business and IT operations. Ultimately, your aim will be to help insurers to reduce their costs, improve their customer service, grow their revenue and achieve genuine differentiation. If that sounds like your kind of opportunity, it’s time to make it happen.

We work with:

30 of the 35 insurance companies ranked in the Fortune Global 500

9 of the top 10 and 27 of the top 30 property and casualty insurers

8 of the top 10 and 24 of the top 30 life insurers


Create and drive the innovative solutions our clients need in a changing world

How can international financial institutions understand the dynamics of the changing industry? Get to grips with new regulations? New business models? That’s where our Capital Markets division comes in. We help a range of financial institutions to gain industry insights, transform their businesses and differentiate themselves from competitors by achieving operational excellence. And we do it on a global scale. Working closely with investment banks, exchanges, clearing organisations, asset and wealth management firms, depositories and broker/dealers, we develop trusted relationships with clients and internal experts the world over. It’s an exciting place to be. Right now, we’re investing in new tools and research that will keep us at the forefront of technological innovation. Ready to be part of it?

Join us here, and you’ll find and create new opportunities as well as negotiating complex solutions across a range of areas and subject matters. You can expect to work closely with global management consultants, adding value for clients as you operate at the intersection of client segment, business function, and emerging technology on end-to-end management consulting, technology and business process outsourcing projects. Across all of them, you’ll draw on your innovative approach – on your ability to challenge conventional thought, to offer unique perspectives and to create ground-breaking solutions for our clients.

Our clients include:

17 of the top 20 investment banks

10 of the top 10 global wealth managers

10 of the top 10 global asset managers

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Help global organisations thrive in an ever-more complex finance and risk landscape

Managing new regulations and the challenges they create. Reducing organisational complexity. Increasing profitability in an uncertain economic environment. Our management consultants and technologists help global clients better understand, connect, integrate, manage and benefit from these critical business issues. So whether you’re helping your clients to redefine their risk methodology and operating models or enhancing their forecasting and analytics capabilities, you’re going to be immersed in some very interesting challenges – challenges that will push you and allow you to develop your skills to the full.

We’re currently working with many of the leading financial services companies in the Fortune Global 500 – some of the world’s most high profile organisations – and we want to continue this trajectory. Join us, and not only will you help us achieve that aspiration, you’ll have the opportunity to work on complex end-to-end projects that will help our clients achieve greater profitability, quality and reliability. Put simply, we’ll give you huge scope to make your mark. So if you’re looking to work on intellectually stimulating assignments and alongside some of the brightest minds in business, look no further than Finance & Risk Services at Accenture.

We work with:

10 of the top 15 banks

8 of the top 10 insurers

The top 8 capital markets companies globally


Put your clients front and centre so they can do the same for their customers.

For Financial Services organisations, customer relationships have never been more important. And in Distribution and Marketing Services, we help our clients to transform how they interact with their existing and potential customers.

We’re all about helping organisations like banks, insurers and wealth managers deliver even better experiences whilst boosting their profitability and reducing their costs. Those enhanced customer relationships could come via:

  • new digital platforms

  • introducing the very latest analytical tools and techniques or

  • by offering innovative mobile solutions.

We’re looking for people who’ll relish the chance to drive innovative customer-focused transformations for a host of Fortune Global 500 clients. People who’ll make the most of our end-to end capabilities in strategy, digital, technology and operations to help transform some of the world’s leading organisations and enable them to reach their goals.

The projects you work on could range from an initial diagnostic or strategy outline right through to full design and implementation. You’ll work alongside colleagues with expertise grown in consultancy firms, client-side Financial Services organisations and media firms.

And with the opportunity to hone your expertise in a specific area, you really will be empowered to be a thought leader here.

We’ve worked with:

All 10 of the 10 top banks

9 of the 10 top insurers

17 of the 20 top money managers

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In a fast-moving digital world, we help our clients to transform their organisations and build the right capabilities to succeed

Our Talent & Organisation practice works with the UK and Ireland’s leading financial services organisations to develop dynamic new workforces empowered by digital to adapt, thrive on disruption and drive change.

We help banking, insurance, investment banking, asset and wealth management and financial markets organisations create corporate cultures where change is built into their DNA and people are empowered to adapt, learn and become agents of change.

We support our clients through all aspects of business transformation including:

  • Digital transformation

  • Merger, divestment and ringfencing

  • Business transformation

  • Digital skills, culture and leadership

  • Agile business change

We help them to adapt to working more innovatively, accomplish more and help them to use the latest technology to enable this to happen. We use change analytics to improve insight into change programmes and help clients to accelerate delivery, reduce risk and enhance the benefits of transformation. We also work with clients to bring innovative and exciting solutions to help to grow their HR capabilities, and enable our clients to improve their performance, efficiency and employee experience by creating optimised HR functions for the digital era.

Join us and you’ll have the opportunity to be part of complex and challenging end to end projects that help our clients to achieve these exciting transformational changes.

We serve:

40 out of the top 50 Banks worldwide

30 of the 35 Insurers in the Fortune Global 500

17 of the top 20 Investment Banks


Help our clients keep up with the latest trends in technology

Technology Advisory is where we drive cross-FS thinking on the latest trends. Adapting to shifts in technology can be difficult. We help our Financial Services clients navigate challenges by bringing expertise from across our business and enabling them to transform as they rotate to the new ‘Digital IT’. This includes everything from cognitive computing, cyber resilience and application rationalisation to blockchain/crypto currencies, API management and DevOps enablement.

Our practice is made up of people who have enabled transformational change in FS. As part of our team, you’ll help us stay ahead of the latest technology trends. This could involve helping design and plan technology blueprints, putting Cloud at the heart of an organisation or bringing innovations such as Artificial Intelligence to the marketplace. Ultimately, whatever project you work on, you’ll help our FS clients make the most of technological innovation.


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