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Accenture Consulting

Help transform leading companies and we’ll help you transform your career


The digital revolution is compelling our clients to change the way they do business. They come to us for our end-to-end solutions, our deep industry knowledge and wide-ranging global expertise. The very same things that can make a difference to your career.

We do more than advise – we work at the heart of our clients’ organisations and help address their most complex issues. To do that across more than 40 industries and every kind of project imaginable requires a host of talented people – each with their own unique skillset, background and industry knowledge. The key is allowing these individuals to make the most of the expertise of some 368,000 colleagues while supporting them to enhance their industry and technical knowledge, as well as experience across our clientbase.

Whether you’re already a consultant or not, our breadth of work, projects and opportunities mean that, if you’re ambitious, Accenture Consultancy is the place for you to increase your knowledge, talent and career. Read on or click on the icons below to find out where your skills could play a part.

This is Consulting

This is Consulting

What is consulting? Why does it appeal to so many people? And why should you make it your next career choice?

There are plenty of reasons to choose consulting - our people enjoy the thrill of new experiences, the challenge of solving complex problems and the opportunity to travel all over the world, supported by a team of more than 360,000 brilliant people.

If you want to find out more about consulting, click below.

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This is Accenture

There’s something different about working at Accenture. Something you don’t get at other consultancy firms. It’s hard to pinpoint what it is because everyone’s experience is unique. That’s why we’ve asked our people to share some of their exciting stories.

Explore our ‘This is Accenture’ site and find out what it’s really like to work in our world of consultancy – how our people have built their own careers and what makes it so rewarding.

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Financial Services

Tackle growth, consolidation, and regulatory changes in a dynamic global market

Our Financial Services practices help banking, capital markets and insurance clients meet the ever-evolving operational, technology, customer relationship and risk challenges that continually arise. We work with ten of the top 15 banks, eight of the top ten insurers and top eight capital markets companies globally, and over the last year, have seen phenomenal growth in demand for our services.

We need people who are able to challenge conventional thought, offer unique perspectives and conceive more innovative solutions for our clients.

While you don’t need to be a technical expert, you must be able to engage with clients and understand the issues facing them. Knowledge in areas such as retail banking, mortgages, commercial banking and payments, as well as being well networked across the industry is a definitive advantage.

Explore our sector case study to find out what we do, how we do it and the people that make it happen.

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Health & Public Services

Create safer, healthier communities and improve the lives of people around the world

Our Health & Public Service consultancy helps governments – as well as other public service organisations – implement more effective, efficient and affordable health care from the back office to the doctor’s office; ultimately creating safer and healthier communities and improving lives. Taking advantage of our insight and firm-wide expertise, our clients can understand the expectations and experiences of the people utilising their services before working with us to capitalise on the new and emerging technologies that can make them even better.

Knowledge of this sector would be a distinct advantage, but if you can confidently communicate with clients and understand their challenges, this could be the opportunity for you.

Learn more about our work by exploring our case studies.


We’ve worked with over 30 different NHS Trusts, saving over £40m and freeing up funding for around 600 more nurses.


We currently manage 72 million accounts, 1.5billion transactions per year and are responsible for almost half (240 billion) of all UK Government income. 

Met Police

Using advanced predictive analytics, we’re identifying known gang members who are at high risk of committing a serious, violent crime. 

Communications Media & Technology

Work with companies that are creating the products of tomorrow

Accenture Consulting work on end-to-end projects to help our clients achieve greater profitability, quality and reliability. From multi-year major systems integration deals to more agile engagements, our ability to use our industry knowledge to tailor our approach is seeing us work with an expanding portfolio of hyper-growth clients, as well as next-gen social media and disruptive technology players.

If your background is in this sector, join Accenture and develop your career. Our global network means that you can draw on knowledge from a wide range of experts across Accenture, and supplement your experience through structured training.

Find out more about what we do, how we do it and the roles involved by exploring our case study.

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Apply your experience to the world’s best-known, most innovative brands

The common denominator for our clients in this area is that they all serve consumers with products – and they need guidance on turning technology to their advantage. Transforming some of the world’s leading companies across four industry sectors, our insights and capabilities revolutionise the way customers buy, interact with and receive goods and services, while boosting business performance and our clients’ profits.

Combining a background in one of our key areas, with an assured and confident approach, Products Consultancy will give you the opportunity to take your talents even further.

Learn more about what we do by exploring our case studies.



If you have a background in the automotive industry, this is where you can make the most of that experience. Join us here and add to our deep industry knowledge, while tapping into our love for the emerging technologies that can make a difference to our clients. Whether they’re looking to identify and enter new markets, upgrade their digital experience, increase revenues in existing markets, improve performance, or deliver products and services more effectively and efficiently, we work to make it happen.

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Consumer Goods and Services

Covering clients across home and personal care, alcoholic beverages, fashion, agribusiness, tobacco, as well as food and non-alcoholic beverages. Join us and play your part in helping our clients stand out in the marketplace, reach a global audience and improve every process that makes a difference to both their business and their customers.

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Our deep understanding of the market means we know that retail is no longer just about location or channel. It’s about adapting, being where customers want you to be and making every interaction meaningful. Join us here and you’ll get to use your experience to combine best business practices with emerging technologies, so our clients can be the best they can possibly be.

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Life Science

Your expertise across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical technology, distribution and consumer health sectors could make a massive impact in life science consulting. Working with clients across these areas to deliver better patient outcomes, we’re doing everything from helping companies develop and operate digitally-enabled sales and marketing models to building adaptive supply chains that drastically improve their bottom line.

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Industrial clients turn to us because we know how to help them reach new levels of efficiency and innovation. Join us here and you’ll make the most of your knowledge and expertise to turn the next wave of technology into impactful solutions.

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Infrastructure & Travel

With so many new players in the market and the speed of technological change, the insight and expertise we offer clients in this sector has the power to make a huge difference. Join us and help airlines, hospitality businesses and travel companies the world over make the most of inventive business models, IT infrastructures, operating methodologies and metrics technology to stay one step ahead.

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Work with the leading players in influential industries

The Accenture Resources group is a trusted partner for energy, natural resources, chemicals and utilities industries around the world. We collaborate on everything from sweeping multi-year business transformations, to basic system upgrades. Combining our knowledge of the entire sector with peerless analytics, operations and technical expertise, our clients can improve their businesses, working environments and processes to deliver better outcomes for their employees and customers.

Working with leading players in the sector, this is where you can make the most of a petrochemicals, oil and gas, life sciences, mining or utilities background.

Learn more about the type of work we do and the skills we need by viewing our case studies.

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Our Chemicals consultants are joining the dots between the latest technologies, asset-intensive operations and customers to help our clients generate even more value from their products. Join them as they roll out innovative, transformational strategies that help businesses grow – like our solution for Sun Chemicals.

Natural Resources

If your background covers mining, metals, forest products or building materials, combine your experience with our expertise and help our clients leverage the latest technologies to improve and grow. Why not find out how our forward thinking is changing businesses right now.


Helping energy companies navigate through periods of change and upheaval – and maintain a competitive edge is what we do best. Our unparalleled knowledge gives them the insight and strategic advice they need to become the profitable and sustainable businesses of the future. Join us and play your part.

Discover how our support is making a difference.


With new energy marketplace emerging, existing businesses and new players need the right advice and the right solutions to thrive. Leveraging your energy background and our network of experts in this field, as well as the world of technology, we can help deliver the answers that increase profits, market share and growth for clients around the world.

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