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Creating our future today. This is innovation at Accenture.

At our Future Camps in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Russia we have created spaces in which thinking out of the box is not just a phrase. Here we collaborate with you to accelerate your innovation journey: Familiarize yourself with emerging technologies, get inspired and develop innovative ideas for new services and business models. The creative environment and our innovation process will fuel you to release groundbreaking and valuable ideas. Through our Open Innovation approach, we make use of our large ecosystem which consists of top-tier accelerators, game changing start-ups and industry experts who are a source of valuable inspiration. Furthermore, we have the expertise of highly specialized engineers in our Liquid Studios who transform innovative ideas into tangible and testable results. One step further, we provide experts who have the capabilities to integrate the created pilots into existing systems and who are able to scale them. To sum up: Bringing together manpower with the right skills and the right infrastructure, we are the right partner for innovation. Let’s move forward together!




Customer Experience Services

Customer Experience Services

Putting the customer at the heart of everything we do.

Understanding customer needs and journeys, designing new services at relevant touch-points, and using the technological possibilities of analytics, personalization, marketing automation, commerce and content management at scale. As Experience Architects we support business growth by monetizing direct-2-consumer access and new digital services.

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Means redefining your business models from a digital perspective.

Create a digital roadmap that provides the foundation for strategic decisions, essential reorientation and finally the implementation of specific measures leading to digital business success.

IT Strategy

IT Strategy

Technology Strategy identifies ways in which your company can profit from new and bold technology ideas that could potentially revolutionize entire businesses and industries, and prepares IT for the Digital Era. Digitalization and its underlying disruptive technologies are on the agenda of most executives – on the IT but also on the business side. Nowadays, the essence of a company's strategy is usually linked to technology. Digital is not just a trend, it is of absolute importance. Practical technology strategies that combine business and technology are needed to evaluate technology opportunities and to develop holistic, integrated technology strategies that address the needs of the whole enterprise.

New IT

New IT

Focuses on flexible, networked, intelligent solutions – from the Cloud to Software as a Service to agile DevOps all the way to Liquid Architecture.

Speed and agility are the key factors. New IT provides organizations with the high performance IT infrastructure needed to quickly grasp new market opportunities in today’s digital, service and knowledge-based economy.

Cloud Applications

New cloud technologies such as the intelligent business cloud cleverly integrate intelligent infrastructure, data, applications, and business processes. These open, scalable and integrated technologies enable single point access and management of the cloud landscape.

Software as a Service

SaaS solutions scalable to meet the company's unique needs reduce total cost of ownership, IT redundancies and maintenance. You will be able to incorporate SaaS within the overall architecture of new-business and IT operating models to accelerate the return on investment by enabling clients to iteratively improve capabilities and adapt to changes in the market.

Agile DevOps

Markets evolve with lightning speed nowadays, and the development of new digital solutions must keep pace. Agile DevOps offer the technological techniques and tools necessary to gear up to Multi-Speed IT and provide a significant boost to the pace of software development.

Liquid Architecture

The modular nature of Liquid Applications requires an agile foundation. The solution consists of a Liquid Architecture that combines flexible and standardized new applications as well as information pools across the organization.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Provide precise models of the world around us.

Detailed forecasts on future events, changing conditions and client demands allow enterprises to accurately adapt their current offerings and develop new products, services and business models.



Today, organizations tap into cloud-based hardware, software and services to boost agility, to gain speed to market and a fast path to innovation. Cloud offers the ability to source, scale and deliver computing capacity on demand, thus equipping organizations to handle fast-changing business needs and to create new services to improve performance. By means of cloud solutions and rapid prototyping in our Liquid Studio, we are able to implement innovative ideas fast and easily.

Cloud Strategy

Cloud is both a catalyst and a connector. Using Design Thinking workshops, we help our clients create a cloud strategy that is a business strategy—and a foundational source for innovation and growth.

Cloud Applications

It is time for a new human-centric approach to building cloud applications. In a digital world, organizations that accelerate the adoption of these solutions extend their value across the entire enterprise. An out-of-the-box collaborative workshop helps shape your clients’ future.

Cloud Journey

Every company is on a unique journey to cloud. By defining the target state in joint workshops in our Future Camps, we move applications and infrastructure swiftly and safely to the cloud to realize the benefits of as-a-service now.

We have already conducted numerous Design Thinking workshops on cloud topics and the team will be happy to support your cloud journey as well. Please reach out to Dirk Schuphan, Arne Bleyer or Michael Heyen from our infrastructure practice or directly to the Design Thinking Team.

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“As a Service” Business Operations

“As a Service” Business Operations

Helps to innovate faster, drive revenue and reduce costs.

The As-a-Service model provides companies with plug-in, scalable, consumption-based services supported by analytics, cloud and automation to deliver business outcomes.

Liquid Applications

Liquid Applications

Provide the agility needed to keep pace with ever accelerating digital demands.

A modular, requirements-oriented develop­ment process and the integration of software applications with a cloud and mobile-first approach replace the complex, long-term oriented transformative processes of traditional IT-strategies.

Industry X.0

Industry X.0

Industry X.0 is the digital reinvention of industry, where businesses use advanced digital technologies to transform their core operations, their worker and customer experiences and ultimately their business models. New levels of efficiency are achieved in the core of R&D, engineering, production, manufacturing and business support through integrated systems, processes, sensors and new intelligence. Worker and customer experiences are reimagined and redesigned through personalization and advances such as immersive, augmented and virtual reality. New business models and revenue streams are unlocked by smart, connected products, services and plants that are enabled by new ecosystems.

Immersive Reality

Immersive Reality

Immersiveness is an important element of VR applications and presents an artificial environment to the user that replaces real surroundings and leads the user to fully engage with the created environment. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology have existed for decades, but they are by far two of the hottest tech topics. In seemingly every industry, enterprises can find benefits from VR, from enhancing communication, to product development, to deliver an innovative customer experience. VR/AR will create new markets, excel existing ones, and cannibalize others. Digital Transformation for retail shops, eCommerce transformation for fashion with the ability to scan your body, Real-time Analysis, Collaborative insights by connecting several meeting rooms, Training and Demonstrations and Education Applications are only some ideas of how VR can support digital business. Now it’s the time to test not only the consumer market but also the enterprise.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence involves multiple technologies and methods that result in an application or system showing behavior that we would consider “intelligent”. Its basis is founded through a cycle of sense, comprehend, act and learn – and allow us to develop a new, natural relationship between human and machines. Machine Learning methods such as deep learning pose the foundation for classification, allowing for intelligent reasoning and real decisioning instead of classic fixed rule based if-else trees. Application ranges from automation to localization, mapping, predicting and many more.

Virtual Agents

Virtual Agents

Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Chatbots – virtual agents fundamentally change the way we interact with machines by using our most natural means of interaction: our language. Capable of understanding and processing intends expressed in natural language and providing the answer in the same way, virtual agents are both evolution and revolution of human-machine-interaction and reduce the complex interaction to something as simple as a conversation. In short: AI is the new YouI.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation refers to the application of technology that allows to configure computer software to capture and interpret existing data for processing a transaction, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems. The software robot interacts with applications by manipulating existing human user interfaces, and effectively simulates repetitive interaction between applications, the clicking of buttons or menu items. It acts like a human with keyboard and mouse, but much faster and with no manual errors.

Security Solutions

Security Solutions

Provide organizations with new strategies to protect their increasingly networked infrastructures and business models from a growing number of cyber-attacks.

As no architecture offers complete security, organizations need a comprehensive approach that covers structures, technologies, processes and employee awareness.



Trust is critical for business. What if trust were technologically embedded into the very nature of transactional activities? Blockchain is a distributed digital network that maintains and records data in a way that allows multiple stakeholder to confidently and securely share access to the same data and information. Blockchain today is the most secure mechanism for exchanging transactions and shows great promise across a wide range of business applications. The emerging technology could completely restructure the value chains for many businesses building trust into every transaction and shared data source, enabling greater security, cost efficiency and optimized reconciliation processes. Blockchain has the potential to become a general-purpose technology a breakthrough, that changes how society and the economy works. As such, blockchain will alter traditional value chains, forcing stakeholders across all industries to rethink their roles in the not-so-distant future.


Your Goal is our Ambition - Our Goal is your Triumph


Design Thinking Workshops and Innovation Sprints

Workshop Design & Facilitation are one of our key strengths. Our powerful mindset, creative energy and a various range of Design Thinking methods enable us to design new strategies, visions, services and products in collaboration with you and for your business. Furthermore, this enables us to optimize your business processes or even design new IT operating Models. Additionally, team building is a powerful by-product in all our interdisciplinary workshops.

Visualization – Sketch it!

Our visualization team will accompany you to events, talks, orals and workshops for visual recordings and light the visual firework amongst your account team as well as clients. Via customized #bevisual trainings we will be the spark on your journey to become more visual. We support you in prepping your Orals to tune up your pitches with visuals and storytelling. You need help to sketch and visualize your visions, roadmaps, personas, customer journeys? Reach out and get visual.

Design Thinking Introduction and Design Thinking Training

We train you and your team to become Design Thinking experts. By doing so we shift perspectives, create a deep understanding for an innovation mindset and teach you to apply Design Thinking methodologies. Building up on that we accompany you in your work and help you implement your new skills in your projects.

Design Thinking Projects

We support your projects with the Design Thinking methodology in order to foster a collaborative way of working. We inspire you to generate innovative ideas and enable you to deliver results at a faster pace.

Storytelling, Creative Moderation

We have great experience in giving unique speeches that capture your audience’s attention within seconds. We can coach and enable you to tell captivating stories as well. Moreover it is our core strength to moderate your meetings and workshops creatively in order to drive your group towards interaction and reach the desired outcome.

User-Experience Design & Product Development

We take you on an innovation journey! Together we rethink existing products, business models and client experiences. Our vast industry knowledge and innovation architecture combined with a creative mindset and human-centered design methods, our multi-disciplinary team of innovation experts, designers, technologists and strategists offers you an end-to-end approach for overcoming challenges and accelerating the development of new experiences, products and business models.

Innovation Consulting

Innovation Consulting sparks Innovation! It helps to answer critical business questions in a short period of time. Therefore, we leverage all parts of the Accenture Innovation Architecture: We provide Ideation-sessions which are embedded in co-creative Design Sprints aiming to optimize processes or to generate new business ideas. By doing so we always focusing on the users’ perspective. In such sessions we involve our Open Innovation- and Ecosystem-Partners, Accelerators as well as industry experts as a source of valuable inspiration. In addition, our highly specialized engineers are able to transform the upcoming ideas into tangible and testable results. Our experts scale those pilots and integrate them into existing systems. Besides that end-to-end approach we also provide “Incubation” through our Open Innovation and Accenture Ventures-Initiative. Our unique and dynamic philosophy we call _FORM_: It´s how we drive innovative thinking to shape new ideas. _FORM_ enables our strengths in Design Thinking and agile ways of working to unlock new journeys of innovation and value for our clients. We’ll actively learn from real users, connect via storytelling and underpin our insights with data. In a world changing as fast as ours, we believe these are the best tools to create value quickly and over time. Thus, we have the right skills and expertise to build innovation programs for our clients. We enable them to reach clearly defined goals and deliverables and gain key learnings over the duration of a project.

Innovation Agency

We are the entry point for Accenture Innovation Labs & Studios and build the interlock to Rapid Prototyping capabilities which are embodied by our Liquid Studios at Accenture. Make use of our global Accenture network and infrastructure to bring together the best experts and technology to drive innovation.

Open Innovation and Start-Up Industry Deep Dives

Innovation emerges in the eco­system. Thus, we have built a strong innovation ecosystem in cooperation with established companies and start-ups. We act as a bridge builder to bring those two together. Alongside we offer entrepreneurship consulting as well as start-up scans and matchmaking, locally and globally. The execution of startup expedition workshops and hackathons complement this offering.

Deep Target Group and Innovation Research

By means of ethnographic and innovation research we deliver analyses of customers or specific user groups in depth – insights which can then be transferred into workshops and projects. With this data and strong thought leadership at hand we are able to deliver valuable and inspirational sessions.





Space is the Body Language of our Organization

Break out. Adopt new perspectives. Discover new ideas and bring them to life.

It’s time to leave ordinary and obsolete working environments behind – don’t be stuck in a boring room without daylight, packed with static conference furniture and without a chance to let creativity, playfulness, collaboration and innovation run free. Explore our Innovation Spaces and get a first-hand feel of the powerful difference an appropriate working space can make.

Our Future Camps are large and open creative workspaces that provide a productive work environment and an inspiring atmosphere. They have been specifically designed to help teams work together collaboratively and creatively. The Future Camps are equipped with movable furniture and writable walls as well as smart and inspiring devices that foster agility and creativity. The open and flexible furniture enables you to quickly change the setting of the room and adapt it to your individual needs. 

The right space and our team of innovation experts and coaches at hand will enable you to break out of your daily work environment, to adopt new perspectives and to come up with inspiring ideas and innovative solutions. 


The Camps

Future Camp Kronberg

Imagine you can tailor your workspace to your individual needs for optimum results! That’s what we do for you at the Future Camp in Kronberg: Over 300 sqm filled with movable furniture, writable walls, smart and inspiring devices do the trick! Plan and reflect your innovation journey in the Workshop area. Engineer your prototypes and bring them to the next level in our Werkstatt. Make use of our virtual reality devices, 3D printers or Artificial Intelligence applications to experience digitization vividly. Need to retreat? Use one of our comfortable and fully equipped meeting rooms for calls, video conferences and presentations. Need a break? Visit our renowned Campus Kronberg canteen or enjoy a delicious catering with your team in our cafeteria. It’s all there, you only need to use it! We’re looking forward to hosting you soon! 

Future Camp Hamburg

Dropping an anchor in the middle of Hamburg  - Future Camp Hamburg, a place and think tank for digital ideas and a space for creativity and innovation for you.Unleash your creativity up in the sky, above the city with a marvelous view to both sides of the Alster. Tailor your workspace to your individual needs for optimum results. Where? At the Future Camp in Hamburg: on 80 sqm filled with movable furniture, writable walls, smart and inspiring devices! Dream big, plan effectively, reflect and iterate as well as prototype and test your ideas for your innovation journey in our workshop area.Need to retreat? Use one of our comfortable and fully equipped meeting rooms for calls, video conferences and presentations. Need a creative pause? Relax on our inviting terrace (maybe you are lucky and catch some of Hamburg’s famous sun rays). Need an inspiration? Visit Avanade, dgroup and media management in the levels below the camp and get insights for your digital journey.

Future Camp Vienna

The Accenture Future Camp in Vienna offers the perfect space to embark on your digital journey. It’s a place where people meet to design and co-create new digital products, services and business models.

You will go from ideation to results with rapid, tangible prototyping. This leads to showcases and demos which can be implemented and rapidly tested, showing you immediately whether an idea works and how it could be improved. 

Select one of our workshops to dive in and meet the Future Camp team Vienna.

Industrial Internet of Things Center Garching

Harnessing the IIoT to achieve the next level of operational efficiency and create new revenue streams. 


You can benefit from:

Cutting-edge IIoT technologies in action

6 constantly evolving IIoT hands-on experiences

1,400+ m2 of creative industrial space

new solutions through industrial design thinking

Future Camp Bonn

The Digital Acceleration Center in Bonn helps visitors understand how to accelerate their digital journey and deliver a unique and compelling customer experience through digital technologies.

Equipped with demo labs, workshop studios and an event center, the Accenture Digital Acceleration Center offers the perfect space to discover your digital journey. Here, companies can see how disruptive technologies can propel their digital transformation and enable unique customer experiences. Together with our experts who have a depth of expertise on technology and industry, we gain real insights into how digital is disrupting traditional business models and rewriting the rules of competitiveness.

Future Camp Zurich

Dedicated to Collaboration & Co-creation - We support you in your individual innovation journey and help you foster tomorrow's reality – from ideation to concretization – based on your specific needs. We create your unique customized experience, that will help you innovate and define the best growth opportunities as part of your digital transformation. With our team of experienced innovation as well as industry experts we help you bring innovative ideas to life – in an open and flexible space which will help you being creative, thinking outside-the-box and determine the best route for future growth. We strongly believe that innovation emerges in the ecosystem and open innovation fosters the idea of working with the best partners, which is why we also include our global ventures and ecosystem experts to create the bridge to drive growth for you anywhere with corporate partners and startups everywhere.

Future Camp Moscow

We are proudly expanding Global Accenture Innovation Architecture to the heart of Russia: Being located in the very center of Moscow the Future Camp represents unique synergies of four capabilities: Design Thinking, Liquid Studio, Applied Intelligence Lab and Open Innovations Platform. The Future Camp is a modern and spacious 250 sqm lounge environment with a digital “flavor” fostering creativity and out-of-the-box thinking as well as promoting co-creative ways of working. We are strong adaptors of the motto: “From innovative thinking to innovative doing…On the fly”. Happy to invite you to our experience space.

Future Camp Geneva

Additional to the creative space in Zurich, the Future Camp in Geneva is the second Accenture innovation factory in Switzerland. The environment is designed to provide the best possible atmosphere for creating new innovations. But, we don’t deliver you a one-sided solution – we co-create innovative solutions together with you. We offer you the opportunity for creative workshops and sprints with industry experts and peers on newest developments in the market to help you accelerate your journey to becoming a digitally-enabled company of the future.

Future Camp Essen

Here you still feel the heartbeat of heavy industry – our new IoT-Center in Essen will be located on the World Heritage site of the former coal mine “Zeche Zollverein”. Amidst this well-preserved masterpiece of industrial architecture, you will find tons of inspiration for spinning your business into THE NEW. Multiple workspaces on hundreds of square meters will comprise the Future Camp Essen, where you will find well designed and equipped spaces that give you the flexibility to work on new solutions. You will find inspiration in our demo space, where we will showcase the latest technologies handpicked to match your needs. You will be able to bring your ideas to life in the form of rapid prototypes in collaboration with our on-site expert teams. Need to retreat? Use one of our comfortable and fully equipped meeting rooms for calls, video conferences and presentations. Need a break? Simply step out of the building and enjoy a stroll over the inspiring World Heritage site. Need a snack? Visit our networking café or enjoy a delicious catering with your team directly in our Future Camp kitchen. We’re looking forward to meet you there at the end of 2018.

Accenture Ventures & Open Innovation

In the digital era, innovation does not grow out of individual achievement alone, it rather emerges out of an active ecosystem. We thus believe in the concept of open innovation, which fosters the idea of working with the best. We work with over 35 top-tier accelerators and more than 25 of the most influential venture capitalists; we engage with many of the most renowned universities and corporate R&D labs on a global level – all of them are immensurable sources of ideas that can fuel an enterprise’s agenda. 

But first and foremost, it is our global Accenture Ventures team that builds the bridge to startups from across the globe – to drive innovation and growth for you. 

  • We screen the right startups and forward-thinking research to help you capitalize on a wide range of emerging ideas and reap the benefits of the first-mover advantage.
  • We help you transform your business by providing disruptive solutions and leveraging innovation across Accenture's consulting, technology and operations skills. 
  • We match use cases and problem statements with emerging startups to help deliver the most innovative solutions to you.

Our mission is to be the first to find the next wave of innovative technologies and solutions. We embrace open innovation to better serve our clients, to acquaint them with promising ideas and to guide them in the adoption of industry-transforming innovations at an unprecedented scale and speed.



A global network
for our clients

Our Offerings



We are screening the market every day and are happy to support you wherever we can. Our team has a huge, weekly updated data base with over 200,000 potential startups who could match with your own business. 

We provide an easy way for screening the market, saving time and minimizing risks. 



We offer customized workshops in our Future Camps, where you can meet with the hottest startups along your value chain. Together, we discuss the role these value propositions might play when adapted to new services, products or processes. 

We take you on an exciting journey to specific locations and innovation hot spots like the Silicon Valley, Dublin, Berlin, London, Singapore & more… 

You get the chance to meet the region’s best entrepreneurs and startups and to transfer their best practices to your own business.



We make it easier for you to connect with startups across the ecosystem and act as a bridge-builder who conquers cultural differences and shapes an innovation community. We source the right startups and forward-thinking research to capitalize on a wide range of emerging ideas for first-mover advantage. 

We work closely with highly curated startups across various industries and technologies. We help you make bold, strategic decisions that move you from being disrupted to leading the disruption. We proactively bring promising ideas and guidance to adopt industry-transforming innovations at scale and speed.



Do you need a specific offering?

Do you have other requests that you can't find in our catalogue?

Feel free to contact us! Together, we can build a personalized service that exactly matches your specific needs!




Learn more about the global Open Innovation Initiative at Accenture





Get in Touch

Sebastian Guenther
Accenture Ventures and Open Innovation Lead for ASGR

Meet the Innovation Team


Melina Spitzer


As a Masters student in Business Psychology, specializing in Coaching, Melina supports the Design Thinking team with her strong communication and organizational skills. During her study abroad and product development internship in New York she did not only gain valuable experience but also find her passion for travelling. To combine this hobby and her career ambitions she lately worked as a recruitment consultant in Australia where she got insights into the automotive industry. Missing the German food and accuracy she came back for expanding her experience during an internship in the automotive industry. Due to several dancing competitions and road trips you will hardly find Melina at one place for a long time.

Isabella Blatter


Isabella drives culturally-driven innovation across discipline. She has worked in a diverse range of industries with cross-cultural teams. Using a range of applied research skills (ethnographic, in-depth interviews, focus groups, online communities) to frame consumer insights and synthesize it into relevant solutions for clients. With outstanding experience in analyzing consumer behaviors and attitudes, Isabella translates these insights into the creation of personas, customer journeys, and UX storyboarding. Her skill-set has been applied to brand imaging, social media marketing, and the visualization of business models. Isabella also holds a Master’s degree in Innovation Management at Central Saint Martins for which she analyzed and researched human-centered versus meaning-centered design strategy and developed an approach for companies to engage with culturally driven innovation.

Antonia Carl


Antonia believes that an open mind, heart and ears are what it takes to understand people and the world around us. In her 3+-year experience in consulting, she‘s gathered extensive knowledge in the fields of innovation and change management, communication strategies, leadership coaching, learning and employee experience. As a trained systemic coach, she brings special questioning and intervention techniques to our projects.

Lukas Harich


Lukas is a jack of all trades. With the exception of savant-like knowledge of movie trivia, he is a true generalist and a storyteller at heart. Besides the skills just mentioned, Lukas possesses an aptitude for innovating – an aptitude he has further developed on several international projects.

Lukas likes to reimagine peoples’ relationships with the world around them and inspires others to do so as well. His broad knowledge of innovative technologies, creative mind-set, and sociable nature help spark wild ideas – Ideas which will encourage people to make mistakes. He will help then enhance the ideas to keep and develop. Lukas holds a degree in Business Administration.

Leonie Kiene


Leonie combines her expertise as coach and Design Thinking facilitator with a broad skillset in brand management and communications. She is an experienced professional in content marketing with a strong focus on digital business and state-of-the-art technologies. Leonie is passionate about doing things differently – she supports an open and inspiring working culture, is creative and always willing to go the extra mile while tackling new challenges. Her vivid personality electrifies people to step out of their comfort zone which is the key to innovation, she believes.

Igor Korogodskiy


According to Igor “Innovative technology should not be designed to only offer a new product or service but to create value by solving an existing or future problem.” Igor possesses especially in-depth experiences in 360° content production and VR as he is running the first 360° VR Travel Vlog on YouTube and Instagram. Additionally, he investigated the psychological backgrounds and the emotional impact of VR communication in the course of his Master’s thesis and spent semesters abroad in the USA and Australia. Igor holds a Master of Science Degree in Management with specialization in Marketing and gained work experience in renowned creative advertisement agencies as Copywriter & Concepter for Social Media Campaigns. Besides that, he has interests in poetry slam, backpacking and videography.

Anna Krause


As an Innovation Consultant and Design Thinking expert Anna has gained experience on a wide range of assignments. Her in-depth understanding on how large organizations work and what makes them tick combined with an extensive expertise on creative methods including storytelling and Lego Serious Play allows her to successfully implement innovative thinking and doing in corporate environments and create a sustainable Innovation Culture. Anna is not afraid to challenge the status quo. She lives in Berlin and holds a degree in Political Sciences with an emphasis on Social Psychology.

Anna Lehmann


Anna believes that Human Centered Thinking is key to developing innovative ideas which have the potential to become successful implementations. Thus it forms the very core of her mindset. As a Design Thinking Coach and Facilitator she aims to inspire people to change perspective and be open for new agile approaches. Anna is experienced in visualization, which she widely applies to enhance her communication and facilitation in the form of tailor-made templates, visualized ideas and graphic recordings. The experience she has gained in agile methodology helps her to achieve her goal to apply Design Thinking in everyday situations and spread the Design Thinking spirit.

Jan Lengfeld


Jan is part of the Innovation Team based in Munich, Germany. Since 2013, Jan gains working experience both as a consultant for Accenture and as an entrepreneur. Having mainly focused on the areas Innovation Consulting, Digital Transformation Management, and Design Thinking. Since 2017, Jan supported projects and facilitated diverse Innovation Workshops across industries and functional areas for many different clients. Furthermore, Jan gained intensive experiences in sales pitch facilitation, as sales lead for an international premium automotive account in Munich and in Storytelling. He holds a master degree in International Business from the London South Bank University, UK. Additionally, Jan is proficient in Design Thinking, and a trained moderator and Communication Coach. Jan is a passionate communicator with a huge interest in people and their individual ways of solving problems.

Anne Maucher


Anne is a digital native and uses the newest technologies, gadgets and apps in her everyday life. She believes that the user-centric approach is the key to develop futuristic ideas and innovative solutions for clients. She began her professional career with a graphic design education and worked as a designer at advertising agencies for 3 years. After that, she started to study online media management at the Media University in Stuttgart. During her study, Anne focused on the area "innovation management". To gain further experience, she spent one semester abroad in the international class of the program "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" at the Business Academy Aarhus in Denmark. In her spare time, Anne loves to run in the summer and ski in the winter, as well as traveling the world.

Octavia Mettenheimer


Octavia has focused on Strategic Design for almost a decade. Intellectually, she is especially interested in the junction of human understanding, strategic insights and creativity as driver for innovation. Curious on how these factors influence decision-making, she has immersed herself in business, research and creative roles from start-ups to Fortune500 companies, in five countries and three continents. Inspired by her broad and rich experience, she believes in constantly pushing boundaries and questioning the status quo, striving for continuous development. Emotionally, she believes in the resourcefulness of the human genius and loves fostering an innovation-oriented and inquisitive mindset. She is an experienced Design Thinker, open work culture architect, people-connector and a story-loving teller.

Laura Prellberg


Laura started her professional journey with an industrial business education. Following her passion for learning new skills and experiencing new cultures, she studied abroad in California, to improve her graphic design skills. Subsequently, she came back to Germany where she finished her Bachelor Degree in Business Psychology. As part of the Innovation Team, she is applying her diverse skillset from her background by bringing together industrial know-how, strong marketing skills, a keen sense for design and an understanding for people’s individual needs to create customized business solutions and innovative ideas for each individual use case. By using her expertise in Storytelling, Visual Communication and Design Thinking she supports clients to achieve an unique sustainable mindset and to manage a creative outcome.

Stefanie Reitz


As a master’s student in International Management and Marketing at the University of Mainz, Steffi provides a fresh and detached perspective to business issues of all kinds. She is always open-minded and curious for the NEW. Being equipped with strong marketing skills, she brings along a highly creative mind and loves to live it up through visualizations. As a trained Design Thinking Coach, she supports the team in the execution of various workshops. Furthermore, she is responsible for organizing different kinds of innovation initiatives and events which foster the Accenture Innovation Ecosystem. Despite of being well-known for her balanced nature, she is always using her creative energy for developing wild ideas. Steffi is passionate about good food and sports. That’s why she demonstrates her evidence not only at tough Design Thinking challenges but also on the center court and at the gym.

Daniel Smentek


Daniel has more than 11 years of experience in consulting, training and coaching, with a focus on Transformations, Change Management, and Business Coaching in various industries.

He is passionate about enabling others through ‘Collaborative Creativity’ and ‘User-Centric Innovation’ as well as by developing their critical thinking skills to prepare them for an increasingly changing business environment. He is also certified as a Systemic Behavioral Coach and GALLUP Strengths Coach and is a member of Accenture’s Focus Group for Coaching. As the Munich Hub Lead for all Innovation Consulting & Design Thinking Engagements, Daniel is bringing his transformation, coaching and Design Thinking experience to co-create sustainable Agile and Digital Transformation solutions with clients. 

Haik Spitzer


Haik has more than 10 years of media management experience with a focus on people, innovation and tools. She melds structured thinking and creativity with a wide range of people skills. Haik loves to facilitate workshops, to ask questions and to coach.

She has an enormous talent for drawing and is really passionate about it. Thus, if you are looking for someone who can visualize any kind of concept, Haik is always the right person to contact. As situations are perceived differently, solutions also differ- Haik believes diverse teams and a trustful working culture are the key to drive innovation. Haik lives in Hamburg and has a degree in Marketing, Psychology and Innovation & Technology management. 

Sigrid Stinnes


Sigrid leads the Innovation Team and is responsible for all Future Camps in ASGR. She has multiple years of experience in human centered design and was the key driver of the deployment of Design Thinking within Accenture. Sigrid is an expert in moderation, storytelling, and curation of Innovation workshops. She successfully executed Innovation workshops with our clients within ASGR and around the world. In her leisure time she loves to do Yoga and work in her beautiful garden.

Chistoph Wannemacher


Christoph holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. In the course of his studies, he became an expert in optimizing and systemizing processes of all kinds covering various industries. He discovered and developed his enthusiasm for Corporate Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking while working in the Innovation Management department of a major German energy supplier, where he was passionate about not only managing an internal ideation and business model platform, but also about supporting the company’s employees in becoming intrapreneurs themselves. He performs all of his tasks with an explicit customer-centric focus, applying state of the art methodologies. As a result, Christoph possesses profound expertise of the Lean Startup methodology, and knows how to apply it within a corporate entrepreneurship framework. As Goethe’s Faust once said: “Two souls alas! are dwelling in my breast.” In the same way, Christoph aspires to bridge the gap between different, however great minds: traditional efficiency-driven wisdom with forward-thinking innovative spirits, in order to help customers grow sustainable business and to be fruitful in the long-term. Christoph is also fond of various sports such as tennis and soccer, and finds his inspiration in travelling, photography and movies.

Caroline Waziri


Caro has been part of Accenture since 2014 and is located in Hamburg. In her project roles as Management Consultant Analyst she gained relevant experience in concept and UI design, training preparation and facilitation as well as UI prototyping & mock-ups. As Innovation Coach she has the ambition to transport the importance of customer-centric thinking. Caroline encourages people to change their perspectives, build empathy, and break away of their old thinking patterns, always with the focus to accelerate digital transformation and to optimize their customer journey. Caroline loves to be creative and lose herself in visualizing any kind of information.

Elizabeth Le Minh


Elli is a charismatic, proactive and highly qualified master student in International Business with a unique combination of proven skills and personal qualities acquired during hands-on experience in the airline industry as well as tour operator sales area. She possesses excellent communication and organizational talent. Elizabeth enjoys being in a successful and productive team that thrives in versatile and challenging working environments. Her two passions are travelling and dancing. Travelling keeps her mind open to different people and new cultures while dancing enables her to set her creativity free.


Yulia Arnet


Yulia is currently pursuing her Master in Business Administration with focus on Financial economics and starting as a working student in the Zurich team. She is very passionate about working with people in different industries along the value chain, therefore her working experience ranges from the Financial industry through E-commerce to a Tech Start-up. She learned a lot about the different challenges, which these organizations are facing and she found her passion in finding solutions for each of them. She especially likes the combination of Technology and Finance, because it creates solutions which are more sustainable. Yulia is excited to learn how to elaborate these solutions by using innovation methods and tools like video, visualization, etc.. In her private life Yulia enjoys hiking outside, which is why she also joined a 3 week Expedition in 2017 in Kamchatka to challenge her body and mind.

Melanie Imfeld


Melanie is a forward-thinking creative technologist combining design with IT knowledge based in Zurich. She facilitated and organized several Design Thinking events for ETH Zurich and has worked as an architectural designer for an international design firm abroad, where she focused on human-centered design ranging from small-scale products to buildings. Digital technologies are a key aspect of her work and she is eager to discover how emerging technologies such as Machine Learning or Virtual Reality can enhance products, workflows and business strategies across industries. Melanie possesses an open-minded personality and enjoys working in a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary setting.

Melanie has a background in Architecture and Spatial Data Science from ETH Zurich and University College London and believes that great ideas happen at the intersection of various fields. In her free time, Melanie enjoys traveling and coding. She also maintains a blog about new developments in Geographic Information Systems.

Jordane Vernet


Jordane relishes working in multidisciplinary teams and managing organic processes in which the ideas of all contributors build the project. As a Design Thinking coach, she likes to observe people; trying to understand their different needs according to their background, social class or geographical location to find new innovative solutions. Jordane’s first degree was in Industrial Design at ECAL giving her the ability to quickly and effectively create ideas, prototype and test them. She pursued her studies with a Master’s degree in Integrated Innovation for Product and Business Development. Using her skills in 2D, 3D CAD and graphic design (user interface and screen layout) she has all the necessary abilities to present projects visually and test the user interface. She put these skills to great use with Manor Food where she applied many innovative ways of working including her passion area of Design Thinking within the business, Felco, a pruning shears company and with the Medical start-up Sterilux, with which she is still involved.

Lorena Ballmer


Lorena has several years of experience as an Innovation/Design Thinking Consultant and Coach. She managed projects for clients in multiple industries – among others in Mobility, IT, Banking, Insurance, Commerce, and the Public Sector. She is an experienced workshop facilitator, storyteller and ethnographic researcher. 

She has a deep understanding of new trends and technologies in the market and is skilled in identifying customer needs. Understanding these needs and translating them into new solutions is what she is passionate about (i.e. designing new processes, services/products, business models). Lorena owns a master’s degree in the field of Innovation Management. She loves travelling to places that haven’t become touristic yet.

Rich Cawthray


Rich is leading the Future Camp for the Geneva site. He has a strong record during 18.5 years at Procter & Gamble as an Innovation Consultant and Design Thinking coach of cracking a broad range of user centered problems; helping teams to realize their creative magic and create unexpected positive solutions. Curious, pro-active & agile he works to take businesses beyond their immediate needs and to overcome their ultimate business challenge.

Jessica Enstedt


Jessica has in-depth experience in applying Design Thinking in a variety of formats, ranging from long design cycles to design sprints and workshops. She is especially passionate about immersive user research and insight generation to empower teams in creating stories and design principles which drive creative solutions. Through her international work experience, she has gained insights on London’s Fintech Innovation Ecosystem and on digital innovation in fast growing markets like China. In her free time, she enjoys sailing and spending time with friends and family.

Sebastian Guenther


Sebastian is the Accenture Ventures / Open Innovation Lead in ASGR and manages the Swiss Future Camps. He strongly believes, that true innovation emerges in the ecosystem, which is why he is always focused on co-creation and the design of digital innovation in a corporate environment with all relevant stakeholders, externally as well as internally. With lots of experience and a deep network in the start-up ecosystem, he helps clients in developing digital strategies around innovation and finding the right partner in the market. His strong IT knowledge combined with the Design Thinking coaching experience gives him the possibility to work as a consultant in the interface between business and strategy on leadership level, always focusing on identifying, implementing and using innovative technologies with a human-centered approach. He is passionate about driving intra- & entrepreneurial thinking and doing wherever he works. Sebastian is based in Zurich and loves delicious food, good wine as well as the Swiss mountains.

Kim Riemensprener


Kim is passionate about the human-centered design approach to develop easy-to-use solutions, and is especially interested in Life Sciences and the Digital Health industry, and enhancing patient engagement and experiences. As Design Thinking facilitator as well as working in Healthcare Innovation, Kim is supporting her team to ensure that clients and colleagues alike are having a valuable experience to find innovative solutions to their challenges. She has strong teaming and people skills, brings enthusiasm, and willingness to learn. Kim believes it all comes down to having driven, collaborative, and great people around you. Her skills are in ethnographical and user research, and breaking down complexities of concepts with visual communication. Kim holds a degree from Northeastern University in Boston in Economics and Business Entrepreneurship. She is a passionate globetrotter and an active runner, enjoying the experience of new cultures and good food.

Isabelle Sandoz


Isa is a communications specialist with a passion for psychology and cultures. Holding a PhD in Linguistics and a Practitioner Degree in Neurolinguistic Programming, she is a member of the Design Thinking team in Zurich and passionate about combining a broad variety of skills: analytical thinking, a good portion of research knowledge, strong people skills as well as deep insights into Leadership work and organizational structure, that all allow her to think differently and transform challenging questions into new approaches. Isa likes to balance work by spending time with her family, outdoor activities and travel.

Simon Scheurmeister


Simon combines a wide range of expertise. Besides his financial services background, he worked both in large organizations, for the authorities, and SMEs. Working within the music industry he experienced creativity in the most fundamental way. His broad skillset allows him to adapt to every environment and challenge. He lives from the enthusiasm and passion of making others better in what they love and pursue! He is devoted to support businesses by bridging their world to start-ups & entrepreneurs around the world, to leverage their substantial innovation vitality. His eye for details combined with a pragmatic approach and organizational talent, provides a solid basis to get things done and bring structure into chaos. Simon is based in Zurich and holds a degree in Strategy & International Management and a master in Marketing.

Séverine Steiner


Séverine is a Design Thinker and Interaction Designer with a strong interest in sustainability. She likes to tackle big challenges with creative methods resulting in great, surprising solutions. Her skills are manifold and include conceptualizing and facilitating workshops and enhancing user experience in various fields. She likes to turn ideas into action and to combine her skills with approaches such as systems thinking and circular economy. Outside of work you can find her in the mountains, hiking or snowboarding or in concert spaces, listening to live music.

Remo Rohner


Remo is a pro-active, hands-on and passionate entrepreneur who holds a BSc degree in Business & Management with a major in supply chain management. He spent the first years after his graduation as part of at IKEA Global Transport, where he, besides his assignment at IKEA, founded a start-up with the aim to foster collaboration within the Swiss road freight market. The firsthand experience and learnings gained from developing a new venture led him to pursue a MSc in Entrepreneurship at University College London which significantly enhanced his understanding about the processes, methods and skills needed in order to become a successful founder. His passion lies within building new things from start to finish – he likes to challenge existing norms and mindsets in order to create unexpected and valuable results. Furthermore, he loves bridging the gap between “Big Brands”, SMEs and new ventures to create useful, innovative solutions.

Arnit Zeqiraj


Arnit has the characteristics of an all-rounder: His strong enthusiasm for the start-up scene and his eagerness to solve problems are character traits that describe him. With his quick-witted entrepreneurial spirit, Arnit succeeds in seeing the world from our customer`s perspectives. He supports the team with organizing and implementing Design- and Innovation Sprints as well as supporting Innovation Management in different tasks to generate the best possible outcome for our clients. Additionally, he supports the Accenture Ventures & Open Innovation Program by being part of various incubators and accelerators to help start-ups grow and foster innovative solutions. Arnit is currently completing his master’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Business Development. Besides being a football enthusiast since childhood, he also plays tennis. Furthermore, he is a real movie fanatic and has an affection for impressionistic art.


Jakob Bacher


Melanie Jöbstl


Melanie has a broad experience in the field of Change Management, Organizational Transformation, Training, and Communications. She supports a collaborative working culture, exploring differences openly and proactively finding common ground. Melanie inspires and challenges people to think out of the box and has strong communication skills, which she uses to create exciting Design Thinking experiences for workshop members. With her experience gained in various industries and as Design Thinking coach, she is able to implement creative and innovative thinking in the daily project delivery. Melanie is a great Storyteller and able to capture your audience’s attention within seconds. Her specialty are customer journeys, also to visualize the flow and outcome of those. She lives in Vienna and has a degree in Global Management specializing in Change Management & Marketing. She lived and studied in serval countries around the world and is passionate about traveling and being outdoors.

Annika Gieselmann


Annika runs around with open eyes and ears, always on the look-out for new inspiration, great ideas & challenges. She has gained more than 6 years of experience in various positions in diverse industries (corporate functions, consulting, startup & agency), specializing in ethnographic & user research, change management, innovation, learning in the digital the age, design thinking and leadership development. She has intensive knowledge in the design of workshops and interactive collaboration formats like Barcamps. She loves to coach and run innovation sprints by bringing in her creative spirit and ideas. Annika holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Management, Innovation Management and Change Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Roman Literary and Media Studies.


Diana Chebotareva


Diana is a passionate Design Thinker. Prior that – Diana has gained expertise in running Management Consulting engagement, being a part of Media Management for 1,5 year. Now she is studying a Master in Finance Economy. She is a continuous learner, exploring new areas and experimenting with new ideas.

She is known for designing and running learning concepts – Design Thinking Academy, Visualization Training – advocating “learning by experiencing it” principle. She is a strong and passionate defender of revealing deep, often hidden customer needs and wishes – by observation and research. She is working iteratively with determination – together with end customers and client teams – to get to “Minimum Lovable Products/ Services”.

Irina Chistova


Irina is the Design Thinking Team Lead in Moscow. Over the course of 9+ years with Accenture Strategy practice, Irina has worked closely with local and international clients helping them to address their most vital business needs of strategic and operational nature. With the constant change being a new norm for work and life environment, Irina strongly believes that the key to success in driving own change is to be predisposed to see the power in other people. Bringing the best of teams’ talents and ideas through collaboration is what she is strong at. The journey of changing the people’s mindset is what makes her excited. She continually stays open to the new – by travelling the world with every single opportunity presented and emerging herself into new topics. Irina has an enriching experience of working and living in Mozambique, Tanzania, UAE, France and Kazakhstan. She is a 15+ full marathon runner worldwide and wine lover.

Max Irisov


Max leads the Innovation Team in Russia. He brings >10 years of experience with Accenture focusing on the client’s most pressing issues focusing on growth and optimization topics. He is a passionate advocate of the new ways of working, a true evangelist of collaboration within and outside the company and an active coach on the topic of human potential and its realization. Max is also a certified design-thinking coach as well as an active member of the Accenture Agile community. During his leisure time Max is traveling the world being fascinated by the exciting new things that come along the way…

Philipp Mukhin


Philipp has a solid background in corporate innovation strategy and digital transformation development. The main Philipp’s objective is to accelerate business growth strategy through corporate innovation and breakthrough ideas from the ecosystem. Philipp has an experience of running OI approach in NGO’s (Russian Managers Association), state owned venture funds and development institutions (Russian Venture Company), corporations (VimpelCom).

Nikita Nebogin


Nikita is a Design Thinking facilitator and Agile Coach in Moscow. He started out his career at Accenture with projects related to operational  cost optimization and system design and integration. Was involved in setting up in one of the first Accenture Russia projects in an Agile way. Building up a solid technical background and gathering understanding of the FMCG and Retail industries. The day the innovation agenda was introduced to the Russian office he was determined to rotate to the new himself and help clients in doing so. Nikita strongly believes that user centricity as a key to success. When off work he loves traveling the world, working out and spending time with his younger siblings.

Alfiya Yunisova


Alfiya is a Design Thinking Facilitator and part of the Innovation Team based in Moscow. Within several years at Accenture Alfiya has gained deep experience in Strategy Talent & Organization practice helping clients as well as internal colleagues with projects in Employee Experience, Digital Human Resources, Change Management, Performance Management and Analytics. Alfiya is passionate about doing things creatively – she supports an open, collaborative and inspiring working culture. She strongly believes in the Design Thinking Mindset and stays true to it also in her private life: Always stay positive and build up on each other’s ideas because collaboration is key for innovation and success!