Augmented Insights

Infuse life into your data. Make data-driven decisions. Take your next step toward self-service BI—explore our Augmented Insights.

Let your data do the talking

Truly data-driven organizations do not just capture and curate data at speed, they close the loop by embedding the right insights from data into business processes and into the hands of business users. Data visualization is a more transparent, intuitive and contextual way to view data—beyond just the numbers. Through data visualization, companies harness the real value of data by accelerating comprehension, accelerating insights generation and enabling organizations to make smarter and quicker decisions.

Our Augmented Insights offering helps clients build data-visualization capabilities that enable easier interaction with and understanding of data. We help clients transform the way they use data to solve business problems by making data analysis fast, easy, and more visual and impactful.

Enabling organizations to break through products and solutions that help their people change the way they use data.

Lead with Data

How do you lead with data? Our Data Business Group Lead Sanjeev Vohra shares key actions for businesses.

Accenture Data in the New

Data in the New signals the transformation of data within client organizations. It's a new day for data and a new opportunity for those who can master the value of data across the entire enterprise and help solve business challenges.

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Partner ecosystem

Delivering data-driven insights

Accenture and Qlik are helping high performing organizations harness the power of analytics, data analysis and data visualization.

Deriving more value from data

Accenture and Tableau provide end-to-end data discovery and data visualization capabilities that enable customers to derive more value from their data.

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Accenture joins the data literacy project

Data is a gold mine that can power the Intelligent Enterprise. While organizations continue to collect data, its real potential remains untapped.

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