Data transformation

Data is at the heart of everything an enterprise aspires to do. Make your data more valuable on the cloud.

Modernize and transform your data foundation

More than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated every day, but more often than not – it’s siloed, unstructured and unusable. Data’s worth depends on its usability and accessibility. It’s why we’re lighting the way towards a modern data foundation on cloud.

Spotlight: Lighting the way with data on cloud

Data’s worth depends on its accessibility and application. Cloud is the only place where data gains scale, agility and the power to drive reinvention so business can soar. Migration is (just) the start. Companies should take steps to modernize their data foundation, so their people can operate with data and cloud innovation at their fingertips.


Why a modern data foundation?

A modern data foundation demonstrates three characteristics and helps companies overcome some of the most common barriers to value: data accessibility, data trustworthiness, data readiness and timeliness.

Modern data engineering

Data sources, acquisition, curation and provisioning

AI-assisted data governance

Metadata management, data trust, compliance and protection

Data democratization

Information access, self-service, data sharing, artificial intelligence models and business intelligence system

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Data transformation on cloud

Accenture helps accelerate cloud data adoption and unlock its full potential. We offer unmatched expertise, comprehensive technology solutions, a vast industry ecosystem, and intelligent insights to fuel innovation and business growth.

Set the stage

Assess current data maturity and capability, develop a data strategy aligned with business, select cloud services, develop architecture and roadmap

Make the move

Stand up cloud services, build a data foundation, migrate from on-prem as needed, modernize and ultimately build new data products

Operate & optimize

Automate data governance, infuse AI/ML into data management, automate processes for data operation (dev ops/sec ops)

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What we think

Alliances & partners

With data becoming the new playfield of competition, together with our partners, we help businesses turn data into competitive advantage.

Our leaders

Join the Cloud Data & AI team

Are you in the New? We’re looking for Data Architects, Data engineers/developers. Illuminate your path data on cloud.

Data Careers

Accenture Master Data Architect

Accenture Master Data Architects bring data to life and finding data gaps that help companies save millions and save lives.

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