5G. Think big. Accelerate to get ahead.

5G will fundamentally transform mobile tech and what it means for all of us. Companies in every industry must get ready now for the coming 5G revolution.

Redefining how the world connects

Rakuten is a global innovation company with a heritage of disruption, software development and delivery excellence. This heritage guided the creation of the Rakuten Mobile network. But to help bring this vision to life, Rakuten Mobile needed a partner that was able to marry technology leadership with proven experience and business insight to operationalize its new virtualized network.

Accenture collaborated with Rakuten Mobile as an operational enablement partner, designing and implementing multiple aspects of an innovative new cloud-native operating model. The aim was clear: enable the organization’s speed and agility requirements to completely disrupt the communications industry.


The 5G revolution

Billions of 5G devices will generate huge waves of new data. They'll also create new ways to solve challenges and drive yet unimagined growth opportunities. Everything is set to change: products, services, businesses and operating models. Acting now can put CSPs on the front foot. Short-term gains and industry leadership will follow. By applying 5G's ultra-low latency, real-time connectivity, vastly increased capacity, and blisteringly fast speed, CSPs can leapfrog competitors and realize the full potential of the Pervasive Network.

2019/2020 will see the launch of commercially-ready 5G networks. Making the right investments, and knowing how to capitalize on them, are essential but complex and time-consuming.

CSPs that want to lead the 5G race have many decisions to make. From spectrum planning and feasibility issues to priority use cases, new business models and device strategies, CSPs must negotiate a world of operational complexity while keeping on top of costs.

The race is on. And acceleration is key.

The possibilities sound endless – but what do businesses actually expect (and worry about) from next generation connectivity?

Key challenges

The following six key areas are the key challenges clients face to expand within the 5G space

Spectrum access/network deployment feasibility

Spectrum will remain critical to 5G. 5G will need spectrum within 3 key frequency ranges. Availability/at what cost will impact the 5G business case.

Strategy use cases and business model

Financial outlook pressure on traditional revenue; finding new models and the investment requires a business case.

Device innovation & technology breakthroughs

New 5G radio will be challenged to deliver improved spectral efficiency. The push for <1ms latency will require innovation and evolution.

Network deployment approach

Use of mmW frequencies needs network design breakthroughs. 5G & Small Cells differ from 4G and need new regulatory and deployment approach.

Architectural and platform innovation

New Architecture, Platforms promote disruptive technologies in greenfield areas; network slicing will need a new operating model.

Operational complexity

Network & IT architecture merge, E2E Services-based operations — this leads to a tidal transformation in stacks, processes and people.

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Immersive experiences

The COVID-19 global pandemic has meant that demand across media companies is being re-shaped at a rapid pace with a drastic rise in consumption of on-demand content and in-home experiences. Of course, this is coupled with a sudden and universal obliteration of in-person experiences impacting venue owners across the board, including going to the movies.

Consumers will head back to the theaters, albeit in different ways, specific to geographic limitations and guidelines. The default of consuming content at home will no longer be limited to some but comfortable to all. New experiences, fueled by technology, will be required to excite consumers and compel them to "go back to the movies" and reinvigorate the industry. And, the need for such experiences was evident even before the pandemic.

Explore how harnessing 5G to create unique and compelling experiences before, during and after the movie can draw audiences in for the next 50 years.


Explore Accenture’s vision for what the movie experience of the future might look like.

Accenture network 5G acceleration services

A comprehensive set of capabilities to accelerate your evolution to 5G networks and services. Our services aim to transform your network operations and management by leveraging digital and next generation technologies.

5G business/technology strategy

Define your 5G DNA to determine how to best deploy and monetize 5G given existing assets and market position.

5G use cases and business model

Leverage industry experience to co-create B2C and B2B use cases, develop your go-to-market strategy, and build your business case.

Spectrum availability and feasibility assessment

Determine a 5G low-band, mid-band and high-band spectrum strategy. Emulate 5G lab solutions to assess feasibility before full solution investment.

Build and deploy network capabilities

Service factory model to roll out scaled small cells, leveraging field install services (i.e. scheduling, dispatch, digital worker support, etc.).

Operate and maintain your 5G network

Breakdown the technical composition of commercial products to drive lean ops and task management and simplify multiple activities.

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Forging a path to new value with 5G

Accenture 5G Acceleration Services provides companies with a framework and powerful analytics tools to help drive investment in all the right places. We help you define your 5G vision…and then accelerate its journey to reality.

A strategy based on network DNA critical to 5G

The 5G promise conjures compelling new opportunities — fashioning an effective 5G strategy will require that you start with “new DNA”.

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The 6 key challenges of deploying 5G

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Explore the views and actions of operators as the industry moves towards a 5G reality.

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Accenture has been making headlines as we help our clients get ready for 5G and look at how it will transform mobile tech and what it means for all of us.

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Accenture and AT&T bring mobile connectivity to Phillips 66 with private cellular network

The solution will lay the foundation for potential future 5G use cases, including support for Industrial Internet of Things and low latency applications.

Communications Service Providers hold the key to unlock the Future Home ecosystem, according to new book from Accenture

"The Future Home in the 5G Era” provides a roadmap for companies eager to make connected living a reality at a time when we need it most.

Eight in 10 businesses believe 5G's impact will be significant – but concerns about security persist, Accenture study finds

Businesses believe that 5G will be the most revolutionary network evolution yet but have security concerns, according to Accenture's global study.