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In Australia, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) struggle to get the finance they need and the service they deserve. These are the local businesses, run by passionate people, supporting local employment. They contribute significantly to the Australian economy through investment, innovation and growth.

This is a huge issue – not just for SMEs and their employees, but for the entire country. For Australia to have a healthy, thriving economy it needs SMEs, and the approximately 66% of the Aussie workforce they employ, to thrive.

One bank is determined to give SMEs a fairer go. Judo Bank is an Australian-based, challenger bank focused on SME business lending. Rather than basing a lending decision on creditworthiness alone, Judo’s relationship bankers get to know a customer personally.

But Judo had outgrown its existing CRM and loan origination systems and needed cutting-edge technology to scale rapidly and provide lending to more of Australia’s SME businesses.

When Tech meets Human Ingenuity

Judo’s new platform had to support bankers in giving their customers a truly outstanding, responsive and personalised service – and it needed to be intuitive, so that bankers new to the technology, could become proficient in weeks, not months.

Judo chose the nCino Bank Operating System® – a cloud-based solution designed and built by bankers for bankers. There was just one problem: nCino was new to Australia.

As the world’s largest nCino system integrator, Accenture was asked to quickly mobilise their experts across Australia, the Philippines, India and the US to bring Judo specialised experience in commercial lending, consulting and technology. Judo put its trust in the team and gave Accenture significant autonomy.

This was not a like-for-like platform rebuild capped with a shiny front-end. The nCino implementation was a fit-for-purpose approach that thoughtfully explored customer and business outcomes, process, policy and technology to create a ‘minimum lovable product’ for bankers.

"We’re a young company with an ambitious agenda to support SME customers. We didn’t want to get caught up in bureaucracy that didn’t deliver. Having the right partner was key. Accenture has been important for us – we needed that capability."

— Lisa Frazier, Chief Operating Officer, Judo Bank

A valuable difference

nCino and Accenture have supported the ongoing rapid growth in Judo Bank’s lending capacity. In just nine months, the team built and delivered a powerful solution that enables the bank to continue growing its support of Australian SMEs.

Today, with the nCino solution doing the heavy lifting, Judo’s relationship bankers can spend quality time with more customers, getting to know the person behind the business and offering tailored solutions.

For Judo Bank, it’s a strategy that’s working. While business lending across the industry has been stagnant since March 2020 only growing by 0.5%, Judo Bank has expanded its business lending by over $2.2b or 168%, to be the fourth largest business lender over the period.

For Australia’s SMEs eager to invest, grow and realise their dreams – it’s all good news. With experienced relationship bankers, using deep human relationships reinforced by cutting-edge technology, Judo Bank is here to support the sector – now and in the future.

"We were conscious that Judo might think of us as a big machine. But we listened respectfully and did what we said we’d do. Eventually, we became part of their inner circle – and remain Judo's managed service partner working to achieve their vision."

— Laura Valmorbida, Managing Director - Financial Services, Accenture

Get to know Vivian

Find out how our team worked with nCino, to help Judo Bank empower small businesses, in just nine months.

Vivian Chia

Consulting Senior Manager

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