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Creating new value: Our impact in the UK and beyond

"Together, we must find the right balance; creating new opportunities for growth, while rejecting trade-offs in sustainability."

— SIMON EAVES, Market Unit Lead, U.K. and Ireland


Responsible Business

Inclusive technology

Delivering 360° Value

Growing a culture of responsible leadership

We achieve this by


Establishing an empowering culture that engages and rewards those who excel at balancing value (business imperatives) and core values (what we believe in).


Equipping all our people with the skills to innovate, design and deliver while considering and evaluating the wider impact of our work.

Value drivers

Identifying additional value drivers and striving to innovate so our solutions enhance positive outcomes.

Making powerful tech ethical by design

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Our Impact Slideshare

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Impact at a glance

An infographic capturing 2021 impact highlights

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