In brief

In brief

  • There’s a huge opportunity for CSPs to leverage intelligent technologies to drive new growth
  • Telcos will need digitally-savvy future workforces to leverage growth opportunities
  • Accenture’s “Reworking the Revolution” research shows that CSP workers may be ahead of management in appreciating the potential of intelligent tech

Intelligent technologies like automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are poised to revolutionize business. That’s particularly true in telecommunications, where digital disruptors are already exploiting new technologies to speed customer-centric, data-driven products and services to market. Established Communication Service Providers (CSPs) can take a page from the disruptors’ rulebook by re-imagining their structures, processes, tasks and culture.

Seventy-seven percent of CSP CXOs surveyed agreed that intelligent technologies and AI will underpin their organizations’ future competitive advantage.

Forward-looking CSPs recognize that digital transformations are, at their core, people transformations and are taking time to re-imagine what work means in the digital age. Above all, they are introducing intelligent tools, not just to streamline operations and pursue new value, but to better support their employees and augment their skills.

73 percent of CXO respondents from our telco research sample were convinced that their organization would, to a large or very large extent, automate tasks and processes in the next three years.

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Workers are optimistic

Confident in their abilities to work with intelligent technologies, CSP employees understand “the new” can help them shine with enhanced experiences, agility, collaboration and speed.

OVER 70%

Believe AI will make them more productive and their jobs simpler

OVER 60%

Believe AI will have a positive impact on their work, improving work-life balance, making jobs more interesting and sparking more innovation

Leaders can make more of that

While 96 percent of leaders surveyed expect the future workforce to be a blend of human and machines, they’re focusing more on immediate efficiencies than on transforming the workforce to take advantage of change.


Are conducting workforce planning to accommodate the changes that will come from automation and other intelligent technologies


Have taken steps to refine jobs and roles or view the adoption of intelligent technologies in work practices as part of their workforce strategy.

To ready their intelligent workforces at scale, at speed and on a continual basis, CSPs must start with clarity about what they hope to accomplish. Three actions will ensure their success.

Three actions will help CSPs to ensure that they are best positioned to capitalize on the significant growth opportunities intelligent technologies can deliver.

Re-imagine work

AI lets CSP leaders to shift their focus from workforce planning to work planning. Identify tasks the new environment supports, create new roles and job descriptions to support, then map new skills to the roles.

Pivot the workforce

A double pivot will start with efficiency and agility then move to longer-term transformation. Workers will need a combination of complex reasoning, creativity, emotional intelligence and sensory perception skills for almost every role in the digital age.

Scale up “new skilling”

To work effectively with intelligent machines, workforces will need new large-scale forms of training that are flexible, tailored and relevant - for long periods of time.

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Sevasti Wong

Lead – Global Talent & Organization Consulting, Communications, Media & Technology


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