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Stories of 360° value in action

We work to deliver 360° value with our clients across industries 
so they can reach new levels of performance, including:

BBVA puts innovation to work for customers

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA), a global bank, has embraced digital innovation by investing in cloud, data and AI technologies to create seamless and data-driven customer experiences. This strategic approach has resulted in remarkable growth, increased efficiency and improved profitability for BBVA. By leveraging advanced technologies such as facial recognition, text analytics and real-time data connections, BBVA has achieved 150% growth in new customers and reduced its cost-to-income ratio to 43%.

The bank now offers personalized and contextual pre-approved loans with same-day funding, and its digital sales and marketing operations have significantly enhanced customer interactions.

BBVA's commitment to continuous learning and agile transformation has empowered its workforce to adapt to evolving technologies and foster a culture of innovation. With a strong digital core and a people-first approach, BBVA is well-positioned to drive breakthrough innovations and meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Eni harnesses the power of data for energy transition

We have been working with Eni, a global energy company, for more than 30 years. Now, we are 
helping them as they continue their hybrid cloud transformation and embark on a Total Enterprise Reinvention strategy with a focus on sustainability, digital transformation and security.

We are managing their IT infrastructure and telecommunications integration and helping implement new operating models—all hosted in the Eni Green Data Center, one of the largest data centers in the industry to securely hold the company’s data.

The Eni Green Data Center houses one of the of the most powerful non-governmental supercomputers in the world, enabling the best use of data across Eni's value chain, from exploration and production to the energy of the future.  New operating models will enable faster adoption of new business processes and will be an accelerator for innovation and Eni’s digital transformation towards energy transition.

Be our guest: Marriott International's new global HR hub

Imagine if you could instantly sift through 6 million candidates, ensuring you had the right person for the right job, and then rapidly onboard more than 200,000 
new hires. Thanks to a collaboration with Accenture and Oracle, Marriott International is doing exactly this across 
30 brands, 8,600 properties, 139 countries and in 15 languages.

Determined to overcome the challenges 
of a complex network of legacy systems, Marriott International completely reimagined its HR technology by adopting a new Human Capital Management (HCM) system powered by Oracle Fusion and focusing its attention on the associate experience.

The new platform, dubbed mHUB, enabled quick, easy and personalized access to associate information, learning and training details, internal job opportunities and other critical HR resources across 
15 different languages.
What's more, mHUB put control of data back into the hands of associates by allowing them to update their personal information, ensuring both security and accuracy. To date, this remains the largest implementation of the Oracle Recruiting and Oracle Learning solutions.

Global media company engages customers 
with Gen AI

We’re working with a leading sports media company to explore how generative AI can be used to drive audience engagement and growth through deeper and more personalized customer experiences.

Together, we recently launched testing that leverages generative AI and large language models to explore how we can automatically create content for the company’s customer-facing platforms. The content will help enhance engagement, growing the consumer base across new coverage areas and channels. It will demonstrate how generative AI can be used to create content at scale for a wide variety of experiences and events.

Shionogi & Co. Ltd. increases agility through compressed transformation

We are helping Shionogi & Co. Ltd., a Japanese pharmaceutical company, with a compressed transformation to improve its business process efficiency and create a more agile organization.

We will enter into a joint venture with the company that will provide a managed services capability to oversee back-office functions such as human resources, finance and accounting, public relations, facility management, procurement and marketing.

The joint venture will also be charged with management of the pharmacovigilance function, from safety management operations to post-marketing operations to regulatory compliance. As part of this transformation, we will also upskill about 350 employees, enabling them to play a greater role in the growth and development of the wider business.