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The Accenture 360° Value Reporting Experience

All reporting in one place.
Measuring value in all directions.


We help our clients—which include many of the world’s leading
companies and governments—navigate change, seize opportunities
and transform into thriving organizations.

We deliver 360° Value for our clients, which we define as delivering
the financial business case and unique value a client may be seeking,
along with striving to partner with our clients for greater progress on
inclusion and diversity, reskilling and upskilling their people, achieving
their sustainability goals, and creating meaningful experiences for
their customers and employees. See examples of the value we create
with and for our clients: Our client work

Meeting client needs

Through our purpose, our priorities, and where and how we invest, we help our clients become the next and best versions of themselves.


Climeworks: Fighting climate change digitally

Accelerating the ambition of the world's first carbon dioxode removal plant.

World Wildlife Fund: Harnessing the power of Workday

The first-ever global Workday deployment to include HR, payroll, finance, grant giving and adaptive planning to help preserve nature.

Ferrero:​ Recipe for employee engagement​

Transforming the employee experience with streamlined HR processes and user-friendly technology.

Boots: Prescription for success

Supporting the UK’s leading pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer in growing its online prescription market share with an enhanced patient experience.​


We are a talent- and innovation-led organization of over
699,000 exceptional people working together to deliver on
the promise of technology and human ingenuity.
Learn more: Our people

Investing in our people

We invest in continuous learning and development so our people remain highly relevant. We reward our people to recognize their skills, contributions and career progression.

Caring for our people

We care deeply for all our people, to help them achieve their aspirations professionally and personally.

Creating new opportunities

We are committed to discovering, hiring, and developing people through internships and apprentice programs.


My job is facilitating net-zero emissions

Anthony Ma, renewable energy and climate solutions expert, talks about how he is helping Accenture drive action against climate change.

From VR to cloud, pioneering new ideas with tech​

Melvin Lau shares his career journey from working with VR technology to trailblazing solutions as a cloud full stack developer.

Blazing new trails as a woman engineer

Raquel Werner, Industry X Engineer, helps clients redefine the products they make and how they make them every step of the way​.

Inclusion & Diversity

We have an unwavering commitment to inclusion, diversity and equality, as demonstrated by personal impact and overall results. This commitment unleashes innovation and drives results for our clients. It starts at the top with our chair and chief executive officer and board—and we expect our leaders at all levels to help create and sustain a culture of equality where everyone can advance and thrive.
Learn more: Our Commitment to I&D


We harness the very best of tech, data, creativity and
innovation to reimagine experience for our clients, people,
and partners. Learn more: About Accenture


We ensure that our people work in an environment that is positive, respectful and inclusive, with opportunities to use their time and talents to volunteer and innovate.


Our proven record as a trusted partner is at the heart of our strong client relationships.


Our ecosystem partnerships enable us to deliver distinctive business value to our clients, with industry analysts consistently rating us a leader across our technology offerings.


The pandemic has sparked extraordinary change and challenges, creating a greater urgency to imagine and shape a more sustainable and equitable future by achieving the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals and to operating Accenture to reach ours.
Learn more: Our Sustainability Value Promise


We are committed to addressing environmental issues through our own commitment to be net-zero by 2025 and by helping our clients and suppliers make and meet their commitments.

Sustainability Services & Sustainability by Design

We are working to embed sustainability in everything we do, with everyone we work with, creating both business value and sustainable impact.

Strategic partnerships

Our partnerships are essential to making progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals.

Ethics and governance

Our clear corporate governance structure and Ethics & Compliance program guide our strategic business decisions and actions as we strive to foster a culture of integrity, transparency, inclusivity and respect for all people.

Community impact

By applying the talents of our people, capabilities, experience and technology, we are empowering individuals and improving millions of lives around the world.


Succeeding in our financial goals allows us to succeed in our commitment to all
our goals—to provide strong returns to our shareholders, to invest in our
people’s careers and growth and in our communities, and to enable our clients to
meet their own commitments faster and at scale.

Our enduring approach to shareholder value creation is to deliver durable revenue
growth faster than the market, deliver sustainable modest margin expansion
while investing significantly in our business and people, and execute our consistent, disciplined capital allocation strategy. Learn more: Investor Relations

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Annual Report
Annual Report

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Proxy Statement

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Accountability and transparency are top priorities and part of the foundation on which we build trust with our stakeholders.

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