Issue 3: Building a data-driven travel company

As demand returns, travel companies must take a data-driven approach to fuel recovery and power future growth. Our latest issue of The Guide gives pointers on how to reset and reinvigorate the approach to data, and create long-term value.


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Case study: Banyan Tree Group

Upgrading the traveler experience with NFTs

Compass: Travel blog

Using data to control costs and travel customer service

Tuba Guclu from Accenture explains how data can help improve the travel customer experience.

How a little cloud unleashes big value from data

In our latest data in travel blog series, Accenture's Tuba Guclu discusses how to use cloud to put data to work.

Why data can make or break travel sustainability

As travelers demand more in the way of sustainability, data becomes a competitive asset to drive trust amongst consumers. Accenture explains how.

Issue 2: The responsible travel company

It’s time to embed sustainability into everything you do and everyone you work with. Our issue 2 of The Guide explores how to become a truly responsible travel company and take tangible steps to transform the future of travel.

Issue 1: A fresh take on loyalty

In the first issue of The Guide, our travel industry magazine, we tackle the big topic of loyalty and how three elements of loyalty - Body, Mind, and Soul - come together to take brands beyond points.


Embark: Travel, Tech and Trust podcast series

Travel experts break down cloud beyond the technology.