Dynamic Network Services

Unlock new growth by targeting and rapidly incubating the most promising software-driven services for B2B, B2C and B2B2X markets.

Wow your customers in a 5G world

The Pervasive Network is creating exciting new service opportunities for Communications Service Providers (CSPs). While there is an almost infinite number of possible new revenue streams, individual CSPs will initially need to focus on a few priority applications across consumer and enterprise markets.

Success is software driven

To lead the 5G race, CSPs must not only invest in the capabilities of next generation networks, but also position themselves as partners in key verticals to secure their place as providers of priority applications.

Dynamic Network Services can assist CSPs in rapidly launching new software-driven services that keep pace with customer desires and expectations, which will largely be shaped by the promise of next generation network capabilities in the 5G ecosystem.

How we can help

Identify and launch

the most promising use cases for new services for B2B, B2C and B2B2X markets.


their unique strengths and provide a clear investment strategy for key assets that capitalize on the upcoming high demand use cases driven by 5G-enabled network slicing, enhanced broadband, low latency, and massive communications.

Design, develop, deploy and market

next-generation services portfolios that meet the emerging needs of both consumer and enterprise customers in a cost-effective and efficient manner, while reducing time to revenue.


in ‘no regret’ strategies that address 5G cost challenges, including 5G service deployment and the shift from previous generations of connectivity-focused wireless technologies to flexible and pervasive next-generation solutions.

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Connected Home

5G is opening the door to all possibilities of technology-enabled home services. CSPs can bring these together – including traditional digital, as well as newer smart home, services – via one platform with fully integrated, highly personalized services. Dynamic Network Services can outline a connected home network and product strategy to realize 'continuity of experience' for the consumer inside and outside the home.

Consumer IoT

The Pervasive Network is positioned to serve as an intelligent hub connecting the Internet of Things – including wearables, self-driving and connected vehicles, connected TV and more – in a two-sided, platform-interconnected business model. 5G networks will enable the connectivity of billions of IoT devices. Laptops, phones, fitness wristbands, televisions, security sensors, appliances and utilities will converge into an easy-to-control, totally interconnected environment – where CSPs will play a central role.


Virtual Network Services

Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) has the capability to fulfill three core network functions important to enterprise customers – routing, branch network security and virtual private networking (VPN), including virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE).

Cloud Services

CSPs can play a central role in offering cloudified new services, potentially including Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service.

Enterprise Mobility and Security

CSPs have significant opportunities in enterprise digital services related to information security and enterprise mobility management.

Intelligent Enterprise

CSPs can help enterprises take advantage of the Pervasive Network’s capability to serve as the intelligent hub connecting IoT with other aspects of the business.