Unlock sustainable business growth

Achieve outcomes faster and free up your people for more meaningful work by moving to intelligent global business service operations.

The impact of change

We help you accelerate the transformation of your retained, captive or traditional shared services organization by moving to intelligent operations for global business services (IGBS)—powered by data, intelligent technologies and talent.

Drive sustainable growth

Increase operational efficiencies, deliver real-time business insights and optimize cost of goods sold (COGS) and selling general and administrative (SG&A) expenses.

  • 40-50% operating cost reduction
  • Minimize revenue leakage by 70-90%
  • 85-95% accuracy in capital availability forecasts

Scale benefits 60% faster than traditional models

Accelerate the integration of emerging digital technologies and human talent.

  • 50% increase in hire retention
  • 40% increase in time to competency

Ensure operational excellence

Introduce best-of-breed practices, industry benchmarks, and access to industry and process experts.

  • 30-40% productivity improvement
  • Global mobilization delivered at scale
  • 20-25% faster lead time to operations maturity

Improve risk management

Gain more robust control and compliance capabilities.

  • 30% reduction in timelines for statutory filing
  • Reduce audit costs by 25%
  • Zero compliance failures

Create a future-ready culture

Create a workforce culture that continually learns, optimizes and innovates.

  • Free up 30-50% in trapped value
  • Realize benefits in 2-5 years
  • 20-30% lower attrition

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The engine that fuels change

Research shows that future-ready organizations are 1.7x more efficient and 2.8X more profitable.

Being future-ready requires a flexible operating model—one that aligns technology, talent, data and processes with business strategy. Organizations that are data-driven, AI-powered and digital can work smarter, scale faster, be more productive and stimulate new value across the enterprise.

SynOps introduces human+machine innovation to accelerate the move to an intelligent operating model by helping GBS leaders leverage the power of data, applied intelligence, technology, and talent. It draws on innovative digital technologies, processes and industry expertise from multiple sources to deliver real-time, actionable insights. Workforce capacity is released to work on more value-added activities—resulting in higher employee engagement, retention, and value delivered back to the organization.

Services that power change

Regardless of your starting point, each journey to IGBS is unique. Our end-to-end services and underlying framework allow you to scale faster and realize benefits 60% sooner than traditional shared services models.

Transition optimization services

  • Mobilization as a Service
  • Assessments: Retained vs Share Process; GBS Location
  • Process Improvement & Benchmarking
  • Intelligent Command Center

Process optimization & automation services

  • Human + Machine Productivity Monitoring
  • Process Improvement and Benchmarking Services
  • Centers of Excellence
  • Process Excellence/Automation

Intelligent enterprise services

  • Analytics Apps. And AI Advisors
  • Intelligent Center of Excellence
  • Intelligent Command Center Services
  • Intelligent Operations Services

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Case studies

The optimal synergy of data, new technologies and talent helps a company deliver growth.

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