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No challenge is out of reach. We partner with a vast global network of technology market leaders and innovators to push the boundaries of what is possible.

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Join us for the 20th anniversary Dreamforce experience.

We don't just lead ecosystems. We shape them.

At Accenture, our ecosystem approach is not merely about plugging into relationships. We are designing the world’s most expansive and powerful ecosystem to drive innovation for ourselves and our clients. Our work is never done—we are continually expanding and adapting our ecosystem to meet the needs of all our clients around the world. The power of our ecosystem stands out in the solutions we create – capabilities, assets and accelerators that bring you real-world results.

We lead with an independent point-of-view. That means we work with the partners you ask for in addition to the ones we know you need, leveraging our stores of knowledge and experience to bring together the best of the best to help you reach your specific goals.

Tech Vision for Oracle 2021: Lighting the way

Building ethical, sustainable businesses.

Unleash the transformative power of technology platforms

Change is everywhere, and technology is the vehicle for harnessing it. But it is how you apply technology that matters. The technology partners we work with bring extraordinary potential to our clients. And unleashing the full value of that potential is all about understanding how these technologies will work with our clients’ people, our clients’ other technologies, and with our clients’ customers.

Ultimately, our focus at Accenture is on helping clients drive positive change by delivering on the promise of technology and human ingenuity. When we do that for our clients, our unique ability to orchestrate the ecosystem plays a pivotal role. With the largest tech ecosystem behind us, our far-reaching partnerships are unrivaled in the market. We leverage expertise from partners of all kinds – from the largest technology platforms and cloud providers to industry- or function-specific experts to early-stage companies poised to enter the market.

A truly thriving ecosystem

We partner with the world's most powerful platforms to push the boundaries of what technology can enable, empowering new ways of working and transformation at speed. With the largest and most influential tech ecosystem behind us, Accenture plays a pivotal role in helping clients accelerate their path to value.

How we work

Influencers, not intermediaries

We bring power players together to co-create not only technologies, but solutions that solve real business problems for clients and society.

Balancing big and small

Through Accenture Ventures, we incubate, build & pilot new products with startups, often working hand in hand to bring next-gen technologies to market at scale.

The world's largest ecosystem

Our network doesn't stop at Silicon Valley. Wherever your interests lie, our global footprint uniquely positions us to make it happen.

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Case studies

Delivering one of their largest migrations in SAP’s history.

Polishes digital experience by migrating to Microsoft Azure Cloud.

With an aggressive deadline, California is moving from three legacy integrated eligibility systems to a single statewide, cloud-based application.

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Digital transformation: from ‘priority’ to ‘a matter of survival’

Learn about the importance of digital transformation and what implementing a digital fluency framework means to your organization’s resiliency.

Unleashing a new world of customer experience

Unleashing a new world of customer experience in the Telecommunications industry.

Meaningful transformation, powered by Azure

Learn two distinct ways Accenture and Microsoft  are partnering to help companies achieve meaningful transformation in the Azure cloud.


Accenture expands workforce management capabilities

Accenture has acquired Workforce Insight, further strengthening its ability to deliver HR transformation to clients.

Accenture helps UPC Polska tap google cloud to deliver next generation customer experience

Accenture and Google Cloud help UPC Polska, move from an on-premises infrastructure to cloud, in response to changing customer demands.

Takeda accelerates digital transformation with Accenture and AWS

Takeda, Accenture and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have entered into a five-year strategic agreement to accelerate Takeda’s digital transformation.

Halliburton forms strategic agreement with Microsoft and Accenture to advance digital capabilities

Halliburton, Microsoft Corp. and Accenture announce a five-year strategic agreement to advance Halliburton’s digital capabilities in Microsoft Azure.

Accenture and ServiceNow launch dedicated business group to help organizations transform work

Multi-million dollar investment in new Accenture ServiceNow Business Group will accelerate & expand delivery of mission-critical digital workflow solutions.

UN Global Compact in partnership with Accenture and SAP, and with 3M as Patron Sponsor

Accenture and SAP, and with 3M as Patron Sponsor, launch SDG Ambition Guidance to accelerate business action to achieve the SDGs.

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