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Transformation capabilities

We help our Clients to transform. We prepare organizations for change and use innovative personalized solutions to train people.

Our personalized solutions

Accenture Financial Advanced Solutions & Technology develops innovation at all levels within organizations, combining complementary and specialized competences to help our Clients on their journey to growth and value creation.

We deploy turnkey support to design new end-to-end business services.

We create highly personalized learning experiences with outstanding content and we enable people and organizations to change in order to achieve the ROI expected of their digital transformation journeys.

A skilled workforce and an agile organization are prerequisites for success.

Re-skilling & up-skilling

Develop, update and increase workforce productivity through highly personalized learning journeys that allow Financial Services companies to address ever new challenges, market changes and digital innovation.

Our Re/Up-skilling journeys – 100% digitized – begin with enhanced screening that uses an advanced analytics engine to determine the right learning journey for each person.

Each learning journey draws on a catalogue of initiatives and over one thousand items of training content as well as coaching and training-on-the job to enable deep reskilling and certification of the knowledge required for target roles.

Forward academy

We build key know-how and competences for the Financial Services industry to enable continuous learning that fosters business growth, sustainable management and constant innovation.

Our digital platform combines innovation, creativity and language to create outstanding content that delivers an inspiring user experience modeled on the best digital gaming services.

Certified by recognized industry experts, the movie-grade content is available on a package basis for use in different formats and across devices. The Forward Academy can co-create learning pathways with content tailored for the financial services market, digital innovation and entrepreneurial growth and ultimately obtain the certification required by regulatory bodies.

Digital change management

Managing cultural and organizational change is the essential prerequisite for grounding digital transformation program investments and assuring successful outcomes.

Our services support Clients on their journey to change culture, behaviors and habits while valorizing the specific capacities and potential of each individual and generation within an organization to deliver change that is tangible and flexible.

Our team of creatives and experts leverages the most innovative digital tools and technologies to create events, communication campaigns and employee engagement that harness technological progress while maintaining high productivity.

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