Regulatory services

Digital services that support corporate control and regulatory monitoring functions.

Regulatory evolution at a glance

Our Regulatory Hub monitors evolutions in regulations and best practice that impact listed companies in the banking, insurance and financial industries. We monitor over 100 regulatory areas every day to provide the widest scan of the market.

For over 20 years, we have improved the quality and efficiency of our Clients’ business and control models, and now cover some 120 across the Financial and other industries.

We have built a customer approach that is modular and integrable and combines data, professional services and technology. Our mission is to provide Clients with the most complete, updated digital platform of regulatory information, enriched with connected services.

Our services

Data Driven and RegTech Consulting

Data driven consulting dedicated to Control Functions that leverages the Regulatory Hub and a RegTech approach.

Regulatory Hub

Impact analysis and updates on new regulations, white papers, watchdog sanctions and legal inventory.

Advanced Compliance services

Advanced Analytics and support for the main regulatory changes that require an alignment of existing organizational solutions, processes and IT systems.

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Accenture completes its acquisition of Nike Group

Accenture completes its acquisition of NIKE Group, an Italian consultancy specialized in RegTEch services and solutions.

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