Aftermarket services offer a huge revenue-generating opportunity for high tech companies worldwide. But to unlock this significant source of business value, companies need a radically different approach, that minimizes the operational burden of these services. How? Pioneering, high-tech companies must embrace cloud-based, analytics-powered outsourcing models, delivered by a single fourth-party service provider (4PS), like Accenture.

Accenture manages the entire aftermarket operation on behalf of manufacturers, driving increased efficiency, transparency and control. Our clients gain significant advantages from cloud-based, analytics-powered "Product-as-a-Service" and "Warranty-as-a-Service" models and achieve tighter integration and greater control across all aftermarket activities—while spending less on this function as a percentage of revenue than their competitors. And because Accenture views aftermarket services as an asset, and not solely as a cost, we help our clients create tangible shareholder value and boost their business performance.

About Accenture aftermarket services

Accenture manages end-to-end aftermarket operations on behalf of manufacturers, introducing our people, technologies and integration experience to drive increased efficiency, transparency and control. Using advanced automation, analytics and control tower technologies, we consolidate our clients' global aftermarket operations, delivering 360°, real-time insights into front-line activities (web, shop, call-center), logistics, warranties, repairs and returns.


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