Digital transformation in healthcare

The health system is on a transformative journey to use technology to improve patient care. Our health experts share thoughts on some health themes.

Data management and the future of healthcare

Dr. Alice Kirby and Guy Player discuss data management and the future of healthcare, obstacles to effective data deployment in health, how data empowers clinicians and optimising the clinician-patient interface.

Digital identity

Unlocking digital identity for patients

Digital identity: Unlocking digital health

Open APIs and health innovation

Guy Player discusses how open APIs can help with innovation in healthcare, the barriers to accessing data at scale and vendors’ role in APIs together with how to overcome the obstacles and the opportunities and benefits.

Technology in healthcare

Technology in healthcare: Drivers and challenges

Technology in healthcare: 2 views, 1 perspective

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Digital Health Tech Vision 2019

The post digital era is upon us.

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AI: Injecting intelligence into healthcare

AI in healthcare is being embraced by the healthcare industry, according to executives in 6 European and Asia-Pacific countries. Executives.


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