Digital is no longer a differentiator

It has become part of everything we do as people, as businesses and society. However, its impact on the expectations of individual people is changing. People are increasingly expecting healthcare on their own terms, and they expect digital to be the enabler. From using data to understand meal preferences of a patient in hospital, and delivering those meals exactly when they want them, to delivering information through the right channel based on selected preferences—digital can support delivery of healthcare when, where and how people want it.


of healthcare executives report that the pace of innovation in their organisation has accelerated over the past three years due to emerging technologies.


of healthcare executives agree SMAC has moved beyond adoption silos to become part of the core technology foundation for their organisations.

Healthcare is in a unique place in the “post-digital” world. The industry has recognised that digital must become part of everything it does. And while investments in social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies are progressing and demonstrating value, leaders must look toward what’s next to differentiate in this new era. There is no longer a separation of digital and non-digital. The future will be about full adoption of SMAC and embracing new technologies to transform outcomes and ultimately change lives. Planning today for the post-digital world is critical as healthcare enterprises continue on their digital transformation journeys.

There is no longer a separation of digital and non-digital. The future will be about full adoption of SMAC.

This year’s Accenture Digital Health Tech Vision highlights five emerging trends that will shape healthcare enterprises over the next three to five years: DARQ Power, Get to Know Me, Human+ Worker, Secure US to Secure ME and MyMarkets. In each trend, you will see how the maturity of digital technologies across business and society is raising expectations, abilities and risk in healthcare. Fortunately, it’s an era of equally tremendous possibility.

The big picture

Accenture's Digital Health Tech Vision comprises a three-year set of technology trends, which includes our reports from 2018 and 2017. It's important to recognize that this year's trends are part of a bigger picture. As healthcare companies continue to grow as digital businesses, they will need to keep up with the latest technologies, as well as continue to master those that have been maturing. These technologies will collectively inform how enterprises build the next generation of business and create paths toward future growth.

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