Relationship management in commercial banking

Our podcast series tackles the tough questions on the future of relationship management in UK and Irish commercial banking.

The relationship management model in commercial banking has long been a topic of debate…has the time come to change it?

04 | The impact of change on workforce and culture

What are the key challenges facing commercial banks when they look to implement digital and role transformative change to pivot to a new relationship management model? Relationship managers (RMs) will need upskilling and training support as their roles become increasingly digitised. Commercial banks will need to carefully develop strategies to ensure RMs are engaged in the change agenda and to improve workforce readiness. In this podcast hosted by UK Finance, Andrew Harrison, Head of Front Office Transformation at Royal Bank of Scotland and Andy Young from Accenture discuss the impact of change on the workforce and culture.

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03 | The resources relationship managers will need

How will technology, tools and data support relationship managers in the future? SME customers’ expectations are changing based on their experiences in personal banking. In this podcast hosted by UK Finance, Pullen Daniel, Managing Director at nCino, and Kamran Ikram from Accenture, discuss the technology tools and data that commercial banks could consider to support relationship managers in their drive to meet changing customer expectations.

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02 | What the future holds for commercial banking

What role will commercial banking relationship managers play in the future? Businesses still need help to navigate complex incumbent banks as well as the wider evolving advisory ecosystem. “There’s no substitute for a face-to-face relationship with SME customers” says Ian Cowie, CEO of Shawbrook Bank. In this podcast hosted by UK Finance Ian joins Accenture’s Stuart Chalmers to discuss the future of relationship management.

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01 | A challenging landscape for commercial banking

With ever changing customer expectations, rapidly evolving technology, and increased focus on cost reduction, the relationship management model in commercial banking is under pressure like never before. Dan Wilkinson, Head of Transformation at Lloyds Banking Group, and Accenture’s Tom Merry* discuss the challenges facing the relationship management model in commercial banking in this podcast hosted by UK Finance.

*Sources of statistics cited:

BEIS, Business population estimates, 2017 & ONS, Business Demography, 2016

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