September 15, 2017
Transforming and Growing
By: Rachael Hampton

Rachael Hampton

Cloud is huge now and my role is to help clients keep it front of mind. I get a buzz out of sitting down with them to understand their needs, create a suite of solutions, guide them through the cloud journey and lead large-scale transformation projects to cloud platforms.

When it comes to cloud, Accenture is definitely ahead of the curve. We operate end to end, from strategy and business case through the roadmap to execution. Our thought process is different to the industry standard. We see cloud as both a catalyst, creating opportunities for new business models, and a connector, bringing data together and generating useful insights. And we’re addressing the future by taking cloud from piecemeal to wholescale.

My current role is the pinnacle of a 20-year career at Accenture. I’ve stayed so long because I’ve always had new opportunities to explore and new challenges to tackle. I’ve been able to reinvent my career, transitioning from business to technology, working in consulting, delivery and sales, and experiencing a different pace of life in each. All the time I’ve worked with a bunch of people whose thinking is on another level.

Not only have I had an amazing career at Accenture, but I’ve had the support to raise a family. Here, flexible working isn’t just a box to tick on the diversity agenda – by looking at people’s individual schedules, we make it a reality. And our parental benefits go way beyond pay and being able to spend time with your new born: you can come back to work when you’re ready and pick up where you left off.

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