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June 20, 2018
Our Carers Network
By: Anthony Hatter

Anthony Hatter

I was one of the earliest Mental Health Allies at Accenture, but hadn’t ever seen myself as a carer until I joined the UKI Carers Network. My wife was diagnosed with Depression in 2013 and has undergone a range of treatments to try and treat this chronic condition since.

Depression can drastically alter a relationship with a person you care for, as well as their relationship with friends and family. It can force those struggling to halt successful careers and avoid external interaction with people. For some individuals it can cause sudden mood swings and irrational thoughts, as well as anger and lengthy periods in bed, as anything else is simply too challenging.

I have to thank Accenture for a lot. Aside from the medical support, since joining the Carers Network, I have discovered there are lots of people in a similar situation and this has encouraged me to take steps to look after myself. Coping mechanisms, or a way to take a break from being a primary supporter for someone are vital in order to take care of your own mental health, which many carers can struggle with themselves as a direct impact of their caring responsibilities.

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