February 20, 2019
Learning as an Apprentice
By: Accenture UK

When you first join us as an Apprentice, you’ll have a full induction, but that’s just the beginning of your learning journey. To work towards your programme qualification, you’ll typically attend campus and lectures one day per week, with the other four days working on your project either at an Accenture office or on client site. Then, after three or four years of classroom learning combined with live project experience, you’ll not only have developed an invaluable set of skills, you’ll have earned yourself a degree-level qualification too.

Read what some of our current apprentices have to say about their own personal learning experience and how they get this best of both worlds through the combination of real work and degree-level study.


Luke joined us in 2016 and recalls his first few weeks as a new apprentice.
“I remember at the warm-up event just before you join, they tell you there’s going to be this one-month of classroom training and everyone takes a sigh of relief. Not only do you learn about Accenture, but it gives you the chance to get to grips with some basic tools that you may not have used before. You also get to meet all the other apprentices joining at the same time and start to build friendships and your initial network.”


Anjola, adds “it will always be a steep learning curve when you first start without any experience, but for me, just asking the people around you who are experts in their own field is my primary source of learning. Being around in the conversation, almost learning by diffusion by just being in the environment really helps me.”


For Kathryn, who joined our Infrastructure programme in 2017, combining her degree studies with real live project experience is invaluable. “Gaining exposure to lots of different working environments and projects and getting skills from different areas is my focus right now. I’ve certainly picked up new skills in Networks and some of the modules in my degree are more focussed on that and some of the roles I’ve done have overlapped with these modules, which has been great because what I’ve learnt in my degree I’ve then put into practice.”


So, what’s the study really like? We asked Ekansh who said “I attend university every Monday and then from Tuesday to Friday I work at the company just like anyone else on real projects for real clients. In terms of education we learn both business modules and technical modules at university - so, you get the best of both worlds. It’s a lot of fun because you’re in real lectures with real full-time university students. You’re not tucked away in a quiet little room, you are given the full university experience a day each week.”


Finally, Rob, who has almost completed his degree apprenticeship, says “I have to balance the apprenticeship and the work-life but that is actually okay because I get to take study days off and do course work and we often study in a group as well. So along with some other apprentices, we meet-up to discuss the course work and our different approaches and help each other out. I will get my full degree this year and the technology skills that I’ve learnt have enabled me to want to learn more in my own time as well, it’s really showed me what I’m capable of, and what the future holds for me.”

If you have a real curiosity about technology and have a keen interest in building skills in this area combined with a commitment and willingness to devote the time to the training and study required, then you should find out more about our Apprenticeship programmes.

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