June 28, 2019
By: Cecilia Carnell

In my early days at Accenture, one of my mentors said to me that to be a successful Architect you need to have breadth of knowledge and then grow your depth in one area, so it looks like a ‘T’. I’ve worked on two very different projects since starting here so I feel my experience is already becoming quite broad. Next, as well as continuing to extend my breadth, I’m looking to deepen my knowledge in one space and ideally pass my CTA exams.

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Right now, I’m on my second project as a Technology Project Manager working on large-scale infrastructure changes. Our client is looking to upgrade their telephony network to make their customer journeys more seamless using voice technology, as well as implement fraud detection in the background. My job is to understand the scope of what our client wants to do from their high-level vision and bring that down into the infrastructure layer in respect of servers and networks. I work with the technical team on one side and the business on the other and mediate between the two.

My first project was more analytical, as it involved architecting the design of data tables. Our client had a base data model with lots of data but wanted to draw specific reporting from this, without having to touch the big data. I created a high-level design, which my offshore team used to build the new data tables and then they passed back to me to assess and test for any issues. If it was not pulling the right data I could look at their code to see what logic they had put in there and check if it matched the business logic, to ensure we were getting the right results.

The projects were quite different, but I enjoyed aspects of each of them. The first was on a small scale and almost like my own project with my own little technical team. Whereas my current project is huge with a lot of different teams and interdependencies. I’m really enjoying its complexity and the challenges it provides for my growth.

I started at Accenture as an Analyst out of university. I wanted to work in technology but predominately with new technologies and at the cutting edge. I didn’t initially think about a career with a consultancy but, as I wanted to work with a broad range of technologies, Accenture seemed like a good place to start. I could get a feel for the technology world and get an insight into the next hot topic. I enjoy that the work is very challenging and so varied – everyone you talk to here will have a different story and be doing different things, which is what makes work-life interesting.

The working culture here is quite driven but there are plenty of things to get involved with outside of your day job, from clubs and societies to ‘side-of-desk’ projects. I’m part of the Accenture hockey club and we normally have one match every other week during the season. It’s nice to be part of a different community – we go out after matches and I like the socialising and team spirit that comes from being part of the club. It also means I get to network with people from other parts of the business who I wouldn’t usually work with. I’ve also got involved with Corporate Citizenship and I think our three paid charity days a year are great, especially when people go on a charity day together and you get the chance to bond over something that’s helping the community.

It’s going to sound cheesy, but those who do well here are motivated people who don’t mind picking up work that they’ve never had any exposure to before and learning the technology behind it. For instance, in my role as a Project Manager, I don’t have to know what’s going on ‘under the hood’ but I always like to talk to my technical team and understand, so that I can then talk with confidence to the client.

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